'The Bachelor' Recap: Zach Shallcross Breaks His 'Sex Vow' During Fantasy Suites

In the new episode of the ABC dating show, Zach brings the final three women, Gabi, Ariel and Kaity, to Krabi, Thailand where they will enjoy the Fantasy Suites dates.

AceShowbiz - "The Bachelor" leading man Zach Shallcross brought the final three women, Gabi, Ariel and Kaity, to Krabi, Thailand in the new episode of the ABC dating show. Airing on Monday, March 20, the episode saw Zach revealing to host Jesse Palmer that he wouldn't have sex during Fantasy Suites.

Zach later had the first date with Ariel. They went to a market late at night since the market they went to only opens late evening. The pair ate some bugs to quell the anxiety and they were surprised because the taste was actually amazing.

They then got dressed and sat down for dinner. Ariel told Zach that he matched her energy in a lot of ways, and he felt the same way. Zach told her that he could see so much potential for them to work out before giving her the Fantasy Suites card. However, when he said that he didn't want to have sex, Ariel looked a little bit disappointed.

In the morning, Zach claimed that it was an amazing night. While it was hard not to have sex during the Fantasy Suites date, he said he's also happy that they spent their time having important conversations.

The next date was with Gabi. Zach and Gabi enjoyed their date on the beach before getting on a pirate ship that took them to their own private island. Zach told her that he missed her as it has been a long time since their Hometown date.

However, Gabi revealed that she had anxiety because she was always chosen second in her previous relationships. She got emotional and chose to walk away. After giving her time, Zach went to see Gabi who was crying. She said that she felt cheated on by Zach considering the show's process. Zach convinced Gabi that she's special and that he didn't look at the final three as numbers.

During dinner, she told him that she's falling in love with him. In response, Zach gave her the card for the Fantasy Suites. He said that there wouldn't be sex, but Gabi wasn't convinced that they're not going to have sex. The next morning, Gabi felt confident with their relationship. Meanwhile, Zach claimed something really special happened with them in the Fantasy Suites.

Apparently, the two had sex that night. Zach felt terrible because he went against his word, though he didn't regret what happened with Gabi. He's set to have a Fantasy Suites date with Kaity and she needed to know because Zach felt being honest was important. Zach went to Gabi and told her that he would be fully transparent with the other women. Gabi felt blindsided because she thought it was only between them.

For his date with Kaity, Zach took her to explore the forests of Thailand. They got on glass bottom boat and rowed through the water to explore. The date was fun, but Zach knew he had to tell her about Gabi. When he eventually told Kaity about what happened during the previous Fantasy Suites date, Kaity didn't take it well. She was hurt and she wasn't OK with this.

She went to talk to a producer, asking how she was supposed to continue with Zach when she wasn't happy. In a confessional, she cried and said that she wanted to go home.

Zach, meanwhile, regretted making things complicated by being honest with Kaity. Kaity shared that she wasn't mad at Zach as she knew he might be intimate with someone else. However, she just wished that he didn't tell her about it. Despite the drama, Zach and Kaity decided to continue the night in Fantasy Suites.

It was time for the Rose Ceremony. Zach gave the first rose to Kaity and presented the last one to Gabi. Unfortunately, Ariel was eliminated.

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