Gemma Collins Uses 'Thermal Shock Machine' as She's Recovering From Heart Attack Scare

The 'TOWIE' star reveals she is having ice spa sessions to nurse herself back to health after she was hospitalized following a terrifying heart attack scare.

AceShowbiz - Gemma Collins has turned to ice spa after enduring a heart attack scare. The 42-year-old reality star has landed in hospital after having palpitations last year as she battles what she thinks is long COVID and has been plunging herself in sub-zero temperatures in a bid to combat the issue and rebuild her immune system.

"The palpitations got so bad I thought I was having a heart attack. I called an ambulance and the paramedics did an ECG [electrocardiogram] and said, 'We need to take you to hospital.' I said to myself, 'Great, this is it. My time is up,' " she told OK! Magazine.

"But, thank God, it was a condition called costochondritis, which can cause severe chest pain and happens because of coughing or an infection. I think I got it from being constantly run down and ill. I do think I've got long Covid because I haven't been able to shift it and it's been in my system for months. I've been so unwell and it doesn't matter what I take or do, it's not going."

"I've been going for loads of sessions at Ice Health Cryotherapy in Kensington and I use this thermal shock machine, which you get into standing up and your head pops out of the top. It goes from a temperature of +70C to -196C in seconds."

The former "TOWIE" star went on to add that the practice of Cryotheraphy can help with "any illness" and would like to have her own machine at home if money were no object. She added, "Cryotherapy helps with any illness and it really boosts your immune system. I'd love my own machine at home but they're about £250,000 to buy."

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