Toosii Blames Fame While Admitting to Cheating on His Girlfriend

In response to the 'Heartaches' rapper's Instagram posts, Internet users quickly ridicule him for not taking accountability and blaming fans for his infidelity instead.

AceShowbiz - Toosii returned to the limelight for a wrong reason. The rapper, who ended his music break by releasing his single "Heartaches" earlier this month, took to his Instagram account to confirm the cheating rumors while seemingly blaming fans for his behavior.

On Wednesday, September 28, the hip-hop star confirmed that he recently cheated on his girlfriend, Samaria, and blamed it on his "fame." In an Instagram video, the "Love Cycle" hitmaker shared, "[I] stepped away from posting my relationship and having a relationship broadcasted on the Internet, simply because I make music. When y'all think of me, I want y'all to think of the music. I just want to be an artist."

He went on to ask his supporters to remove the "couples" fanpages of him and Samaria. "Even to the fan pages, that got the mashup of me and shorty…I really wish y'all would take it down," the Syracuse-born star added. His remark earned him backlash as some people accused him of being jealous of Samaria after she gained fans of her own.

Following the video rant, Toosii returned to his account to post a note for his fans. While denouncing fame, he expressed his love to Samaria and their five-month-old son. "F**k this fame s**t," he wrote. "Y'all could have it. I should've never even started rapping for y'all, I should've just kept my music to myself like I did in the beginning."

Sending a message to his son and Samaria, Toosie wrote, "To my son, I love you man. I wont be nothing like what my dad was to my mom. I love your mom and she know that. My intentions pure, but the world paint a f**ked up picture bout a n***a like I'm supposed to be perfect and it's a relief to be able to finally let people know that I'm not."

He concluded, "i hope my son always stand on business and keep his head high cause his daddy did. F**k the fame, I'm out."

In response to Toosii's Instagram posts, Internet users quickly ridiculed him for blaming fans for his infidelity. "How tf fame make you cheat I can't stand n***as they be saying anything," a fan questioned. Someone else called him delusional as writing, "on the next episode of 'these n***as be delusional.' "

"Soooo it's the fans fault you cheated?? Shouldn't you hold yourself accountable??" another user said. One comment, meawhile, read, "Please teach y'all sons accountability and I hope he does the same for the one he just had !"

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