Young Thug's Baby Mama Slams YSL 'Rats' After Leaked Audio Reveals Snitching Associate

@my3whatmatter1 calls out disloyalty among the YSL crew after leaked interrogation audio shows that Lil Woody offered to provide the police information about the label's gang activity in exchange for leniency.

AceShowbiz - One of Young Thug's baby mamas has spoken up after audio surfaced of a YSL associate snitching. Calling out disloyalty among the crew, @my3whatmatter tweeted on Friday, March 3, "Man ain't [no] way everybody doin all this talking we all just found out rats can use their lips."

Her tweet arrives after an hourslong police interrogation video was leaked online. In the footage, YSL Woody, whose real name is Kenneth Copeland, offered to provide the police information about their yearslong gang investigation in exchange for leniency.

Chained to the floor during the interview, YSL Woody is seen asking, "How could I help y'all help me, please?" One of the detectives replied, "We can't promise you anything today, Woody. I gotta make that clear."

YSL Woody told the detectives about a planned hit, saying, "Somebody is gonna get killed tonight." He also claimed if he's released from jail he could help investigators catch the perpetrators "in the act."

YSL Woody wasn't among the 28 YSL associates charged last year in the sweeping RICO case in May 2022. Young Thug is one of the 14 remaining defendants currently facing trial, which is expected to last six to nine weeks. Jury selection officially began on January 4, but after weeks no single person has been seated.

Recently, a motion for mistrial filed by Gina Bernard, who represents Jayden Myrick, was dismissed. Jayden was sentenced to life in prison without parole last year in the July 2018 killing of Christian Broder, who was shot after a wedding at the Capital City Country Club. He was convicted of murder, armed robbery, aggravated assault and 13 other counts in that case.

While the motion for mistrial was dismissed, the state has raised concerns about the safety of their cooperating witnesses. Fulton County prosecutors have asked Judge Ural Glanville to order an investigation into the source of the leaked video.

"The state has absolutely no interest in leaking this video to members of the public, as its dissemination serves only to intimidate and harass witnesses called upon by the state to testify in a very serious and high-profile case," prosecutors wrote in a motion filed Tuesday.

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