'RHOP' Star Mia Thornton Issues Apology to Co-Stars Wendy Osefo and Jacqueline Blake

Making use of her Twitter account, the 'Real Housewives of Potomac' issued an apology to co-stars for making allegations about things she only heard about.

AceShowbiz - It seems like "The Real Housewives of Potomac" star Mia Thornton is trying to make amend with her foes. Making use of her Twitter account, Mia issued an apology to co-stars Wendy Osefo and Jacqueline Blake for making allegations about things she only heard about.

"First, I'm sorry for repeating what I heard without discussing the alleged with the person directly," she tweeted on Thursday, March 2. "I have so much love for my family& friends, It pains me to know I caused so much off camera drama."

The Bravo personality continued, "Brotherhood is Bond. While G needs more time to process, I want to publicly apologize for spreading a rumor. It's rude and not very nice of me!"

In a separate tweet, Mia added, "Second, I want to Publicly apologize to my Bestie, my sister, and my ace. I'm sorry I was not be able to give you the emotional support you needed while embarking on a new chapter of life. I'm sorry I was nasty and rude and didn't find more patience. I know we may never be ok, but know I want the world for you!"

Mia's apologetic tweets arrived after she alleged that Wendy and Peter Thomas slept together. More recently, she shared a video proof that Wendy and Peter had a playful dinner together despite them denying that they had a sexual relationship.

" 'I didn't go out to dinner with her, I didn't have a late night snack with her... I only filmed with her for 5 mins!' LIES! LIES! LIES!" Mia said, alongside a clip of Wendy enjoying dinner with a man who was believed to be Peter. "Sorry, P, wrong food group, Zen Wen was playing with the Snapper! Not the Cookie."

Prior to that, Peter responded to Wendy hookup rumor in an Instagram post. "With all the s**t I am going through, then come this BULLS**T, @bravoandy @bravotv stop using me for y'all rating, please facts check before y'all air these episodes," he posted.

He also vehemently denied having a sexual relationship with the Johns Hopkins professor. "Bravo this is kind of ya'lls fault, I taped with ya'll for five minutes and you turned that five minutes into nine episodes," said Peter. "In real life, I don't mess with none of those women, [Gizelle Bryant]-[Robyn Dixon], cool people. Wendy, I shot with her one time, five minutes. I didn't go out to dinner with her, I didn't have no late snack with her. She's a married woman, she's very respectful, very honorable."

"Mia, for you to be talking about me and Wendy getting together is so disrespectful and so thirsty," he added. "It's real thirsty for you to do that just to collect that check from Bravo. There's nothing cool about that. You can't just use my name like that, because if you use my name like that I'm going to have my lawyer get in touch with you guys and it's going to be really ugly. I don't know any of these women."

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