Lily Collins Sports '18 Different Hairstyles' in 'Emily in Paris' Season 3

The Emily Cooper depicter will have more than a dozen different hairdos in the upcoming third season of her Netflix series which is set in the French capital.

AceShowbiz - Lily Collins sports "18 different hairstyles" in the third season of "Emily in Paris". The 33-year-old actress takes on the title role of the Netflix hit about a young American girl hired to work as a marketing executive in the French capital and hairstylist Mike Desir described her multitude of hairdos over the course of the 10 episodes as an "evolution" of her "beautiful hair."

"Lily has beautiful hair, season three is the evolution of this hair, a challenge to create 18 different hairstyles with bangs, side bangs, straight, fluffy, and open, we wanted to show that it was possible to play with bangs, that all updos can include bangs," he said.

"The things that I look at first of all is the haircut, if there is a degradation, the health of the hair, that will direct me on my choice of products, it can happen that I take five minutes to epointer a cut, to give a blow of freshness."

The hairstylist went on to reveal that an early episode of "Emily in Paris" required him to create a look for Lily which was inspired by Audrey Hepburn's hairdo in 1954 classic "Sabrina" and recalled having to do "glued braids" in order to recreate the Hollywood style.

He told PinkVilla, "In Pierre Cadault's episode of Emily at the opening, Lily had an updo inspired by Audrey Hepburn from the movie Sabrina. Audrey Hepburn for the show had a uniform and very short, rather boyish haircut. I had to do glued braids to remove the mass and length and only cheat with Lily Collins' hair to make this iconic Audrey hairstyle!"

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