Blueface Beefing With Lil Baby for Texting Chrisean Rock

The 'Thotiana' rapper is upset after the 'Drip Too Hard' hitmaker has been texting Blue's on-and-off girlfriend and claiming that he wants to be 'a big brother' to her.

AceShowbiz - Blueface may not be the most faithful boyfriend, but he's not ready to share his girl with another man. The rapper went into a jealous rage after Lil Baby has been texting his on-and-off girlfriend Chrisean Rock.

On a recent Instagram Live, the 26-year-old began confronting Chrisean about her conversation with Baby at a recent party. "I think you be letting too many rap n***as be in your face," he said in the clip.

Chrisean Rock clarified, "It wasn't even like that." She insisted that their conversation was "innocent" and that they only talked about "work."

When Blueface pressed Chrisean further about what she talked about with Baby, she responded, "[He told me] I got potential." He then dismissed it as saying, "Potential to what? F**k him?" Chrisean was unhappy with his response, asking him, "Why do you say s**t like that?"

After Blueface got suspicious about Baby's intention with Chrisean, the "Drip Too Hard" hitmaker apparently attempted to clarify it with the "Baddies" star via DMs. "It's baby," he wrote in the text messages, which were leaked by the Los Angeles native. "Why people saying I was in your DM [crying laughing emojis]," he asked her. "Why you ain't tell them I'm a big brother. I hate s**t like that."

Sharing the DMs on Twitter, Blueface wrote, "Met my b***h one time talm bout he 'big brother' [crying laughing emoji] You ain't no son to me the truth could never be a dis."

"I run this s**t on sy be mad if you want to b***h post my messages I'm bleeding anything come thru my Territory without checking In welcome to death row," he warned his fellow hip-hop star, "You in her DMs I'm in this b***h fone on sy cryp."

Blueface added, "Anything that makes rock boom I'm all for it even if I gotta look bad. I ain't bring her to the top for you niggas to play fake big brother an fake like you want to work for a picture or some p***y let's do business or move around it's very simple I invested in this long time ago..."

"You wanna work with rock call blue or Im bleeding you unprofessionally every time," the "Thotiana" hitmaker claimed. He then suggested that Baby has been texting him after his rant. "Ain't even have to go thru the fone rock gave cuz my number he been texting me the whole time," so he claimed.

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