Priscilla Presley and Riley Keough Not on Speaking Terms Amid Lisa Marie's Trust Battle
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The 'Mad Max: Fury Road' star is reportedly 'heartbroken' to deal with a trust dispute with a family member in the wake of her mother's death, while her grandmother is adamant that she's doing what 'is right in her heart.'

AceShowbiz - Priscilla Presley and Riley Keough's relationship is reportedly strained amid the dispute over Lisa Marie Presley's trust. Words are the former wife of Elvis Presley and her granddaughter are currently not talking to each other.

A source tells ET it has been a "very tense and heartbreaking few weeks" for both Riley and Priscilla as they mourn the loss of Lisa Marie, which is only made worse with the legal battle over the trust. The source says that the 33-year-old actress is "heartbroken" to deal with the family drama in the wake of her mother's passing.

"Riley has been mourning the loss of her mother and is heartbroken to have to deal with a trust dispute with a family member," the source says, adding that "Priscilla is adamant that she has a valid case and that she will prevail in court."

"Riley and Priscilla aren't communicating at this time, but have been in communication through lawyers," the source shares, noting that while "they are both gearing up for court, Riley would prefer to settle this dispute privately."

"She is heartbroken that this has turned into a public matter and knows her mother would never want this. Riley is very stressed at the moment and has been trying to keep a positive attitude and outlook ahead of her new series coming out," the source says of Riley's upcoming Amazon series "Daisy Jones & The Six". "Her daughter and husband have been keeping her in good spirits."

Meanwhile, Priscilla is reportedly adamant that she is doing what "is right in her heart," when it comes to her late daughter's trust. "She is convinced that old documents had been forged," the source adds.

Previously, the site reported that the eldest daughter of Lisa Marie "is disappointed" that her grandmother goes against "her mom's wishes" by challenging her will. "Riley wants to keep the family together and keep Lisa Marie's legacy in a positive light, but she feels that her grandmother's actions are pushing the family apart even more," a source told the outlet. "It's upsetting to her as she does want to have a relationship with Priscilla, but at this point in time they are not close."

Priscilla and Lisa Marie's former business manager Barry Siegel were appointed trustees in 2010, but the singer replaced them with her eldest children Riley and Benjamin Keough, who died in July 2020 from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, in 2016 as Lisa Marie "had a major issue" with the ways in which her trust was being handled and even sued the latter in 2018.

Priscilla is contesting the amendment. In her court documents, the 77-year-old questioned the "authenticity and validity" of the amendment to the trust. She claimed that she filed to contest because she wants to "protect" her grandchildren. She also insisted that she "loved" Elvis and their daughter Lisa Marie "very much" and told people to "ignore the noise" amid the dispute over her daughter's will.

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