Fans Furious After Aaron Carter and Gangsta Boo Are Snubbed From Grammys' 'In Memoriam' Tribute

During Quavo's performance of 'Without You', pictures of Takeoff, Anita Pointer, Coolio and Stephen 'Twitch' Boss flash on the giant screen behind him, but Aaron, Gangsta Boo and Lil Keed are snubbed.

AceShowbiz - Not all were pleased with how the 2023 Grammy Awards went down. Despite the producers' best effort to honor late musicians at the Sunday, February 5 ceremony, some fans were left enraged after noticing that their favorite artists were left out of the "In Memoriam" segment.

The angry viewers soon took to social media to express their disappointment that the Grammys did not include the likes of Aaron Carter, Gangsta Boo and Lil Keed from the tribute. While Aaron and Gangsta Boo's deaths were suspected of being related to drugs, officials have ruled that Lil Keed died of natural causes due to eosinophilia.

"Umm.. I didn't see Aaron Carter on that tribute," a confused viewer reacted to the "In Memoriam" segment. Another slammed the Grammys, "Wow the grammys left Aaron Carter out of the memorial? Wow, really terrible. No matter how you felt about AC, he made a huge mark in the business at such a young age. He should've been included."

A third Twitter user demanded to know, "Where was Aaron Carter in the memorial video?!?!" Someone else chimed in, "Shame on the grammys 2023! You knew you guys didn't put @aaronCarter in the video tribute! He was so multitalented! A pop icon! How disheartening."

"grammys. why not include aaron carter in memoriam? you don't wanna be associated with drugs or addiction? that is so disrespectful and inhumane," another fan complained. "dont say, oh you didn't have time to include him, bc he passed in november and jeff beck died last month... hmmmm we love you aaron."

A fan of Gangsta Boo also chimed in, "Leaving out Gangsta Boo, one of the pioneers of Southern female rap, from the GRAMMY memoriam segment is a sin and a shame." Another remarked, "Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop tonight and forgetting to include Gangsta Boo in the memorial video is disrespectful af."

"Y'all didn't acknowledge Gangsta Boos death at the Grammys like y'all did these other celebrities that died earlier this year. She contributed to Three 6 Mafia's career!" someone else pointed out.

Though Aaron wasn't included in the "In Memoriam" segment, he was listed under the in memoriam section in the physical copy of the Grammys program. It's unclear if Gangsta Boo and Lil Keed received the same treatment from the show.

Meanwhile, during the "In Memoriam" tribute, Quavo honored Takeoff with a performance of "Without You", while pictures of his late nephew and other late musicians such as Anita Pointer, Coolio and Stephen "Twitch" Boss flashed on the giant screen behind him.

Just before Quavo, Kacey Musgraves honored Loretta Lynn, who died in her sleep in October 2022 at age 90, with a performance of Loretta's famous song "Coal Miner's Daughter". Sheryl Crow, Mick Fleetwood and Bonnie Raitt also took the stage to honor Fleetwood Mac's Christine McVie, who died in November 2022 at age 79 "following a short illness," with their rendition of "Songbird".

Also being acknowledged in the tribute were Naomi Judd, Olivia Newton-John, DJ Kay Slay, David Crosby, Lisa Marie Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis among other late artists.

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