Billie Eilish's Collaboration Request Was Once Turned Down by Katy Perry, Now Katy Regrets
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The 'Dark Horse' songstress also admits that she made a 'huge mistake' as she declined the opportunity to work for a collaboration with the 'Happier Than Ever' hitmaker.

AceShowbiz - Apparently, Billie Eilish once asked Katy Perry to work with her but it didn't end well. According to Katy herself, she turned down the "Happier Than Ever" hitmaker's collaboration request on "Ocean Eyes" and now she regrets it.

In a new video circulating on social media, Katy could be seen telling the audience about how she feels now after she once rejected Billie's collab request. "[Billie] sent me an email one time that was hey check out this new artist and really like us to work with her because she was working with me for unsub and it was a song called 'Ocean Eyes'," the "E.T." singer shared.

"It was just a blonde girl and I was like, 'Meh, boring,' " Katy recalled. After taking a deep breath, the 38-year-old pop singer said, "Big mistake. Huge mistake." She then cracked a joke, "Don't let this hit the Internet."

Upon learning of Katy's confession, fans rushed to Twitter to share their thoughts. "I want to see her collab with Billie one day regardless of this mistake," one fan tweeted. Another added, "omg she would be part of f**king ocean eyes!!! i was in love with this song Katyyyyy [crying emojis]."

Others, meanwhile, gave bitter responses to Katy's statement. "Oh so she regret it now that the song was successful. This is giving major chart obsession," one person noted. Another chimed in, "now billie has more grammys and is bigger than her." Someone else opined, "she basically just admitted she regrets not working w billie because billie is now a HUGE star and katy has been long forgotten and working with billie would have maybe helped revive her dead career."

Billie and Katy seemed to form a fast friendship after meeting at Coachella 2019. They allegedly met backstage at the huge music event at the time. In 2020, Billie revealed that she relied on Katy to help her work through the challenges of fame.

"I've definitely had moments of like, reaching out to a couple of people," Billie told Vanity Fair. "But every time I do it, I kind of stop myself because I'm like, 'This is so weird.' I've had some conversations with [Justin Bieber] about this, where we just talk about the craziness of our lives, and whatever. [Ariana Grande]'s been really cool about stuff. Those are some people that I feel have really shown me support. And like, even like, Katy Perry told me that I could reach out to her whenever and talk about it because it's crazy."

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