Lottie Moss Gushes Over Her New Man Daniel Steel

Despite not being officially girlfriend and boyfriend just yet, the OnlyFans creator shares that she is having a great time with the Australian model and part-time firefighter.

AceShowbiz - Lottie Moss "really likes" her new man Daniel Steel. The 25-year-old  half-sister of supermodel Kate Moss says that even though she is no good at relationships and they are not yet officially girlfriend and boyfriend, she is having a great time with the Australian model and part-time firefighter.

The OnlyFans creator, who has been posting images of the last week she has spent with Daniel in his Perth homeland, said during an Instagram Live on Thursday, January 26, about their burgeoning romance, "I don't really know what's going on right now. We're having fun, he's really sweet. It's a big change from my usual type of man, I usually go for a bad boy."

"We're not official but I really like him. He's really nice, sweet and hot, he's really passionate and nice to me and he makes me laugh," she went on to rave.

Despite her newfound happiness, Lottie, who has battled drink and drug issues along with depression, added she is still plagued with insecurities including hang-ups about her body. She said, "Dan told me I have a really square jaw. I know, I have cheek filler but I didn’t intend to look like Lord Farquaad! I'm like mega insecure. He is not my boyfriend yet... ahh didn't mean to say yet! I'm not very good at relationships, I haven't been in one for six years."

Lottie and Dan's dates in the last week have included a trip to the zoo and the model has posted a black and white image of him sleeping on her chest, prompting her to call him a "baby". She has also compared herself to a "simp" – slang for men who are submissive to women in the hope of getting attention or sex – when it comes to Dan.

Lottie had a mental breakdown in April 2021 due to depression, before checking into rehab in February last year after self-medicating with drink and drugs. She said in December about improving herself after getting help, "Since rehab, I've been on a journey of self-discovery. I've spent a lot of time in Bali, surrounded by nature, reading alone or spending time with like-minded people – and learning to love myself again while finally being free from my former life."

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