Michael Buble Forced to Shed His 'Superhero' Alter Ego When Son Was Battling Cancer

The 'Haven't Met You Yet' hitmaker explains in a new interview how his son Noah's battle with cancer has impacted his life and shifted his perspective.

AceShowbiz - Michael Buble opens up on how he coped when his son was diagnosed with cancer. The 47-year-old singer explained he "changed in a big way" when his and wife Luisana Lopilato's eldest child Noah, now nine, was diagnosed with liver cancer at the age of three in 2016, saying he had to shed his famous "alter ego."

"That, of course, changed me in a big way - it changed what mattered to me, it changed how I saw life. For most of my life as an entertainer and, especially on stage, I'd become my alter ego. I'd become the superhero I always wanted to be. Then my wife and I went through this unthinkable thing, and I lost that alter ego," he told the new issue of Red magazine.

The "I'll Never Not Love You" hitmaker married Luisana in 2011 and he believes the key to his strong relationship with the 35-year-old beauty - with whom he also has Elias, seven, Vida, four, and Cielo, five months - is giving one another the time and space to find "fulfilment."

He said, "More than anything, my wife and I understand that each other's fulfilment is important…I'm not saying we're perfect - nobody is - but we both have that understanding. I won't be touring for certain months next year because she'll be filming a movie, and so I'll be Daddy on set, and then she'll do the same for me. We don't care what we do - being together is the goal."

Michael recently claimed he would have been more successful if he had not started a family and thought about what could have been "all the time." He admitted, "You can't do both successfully. Relatively, you can have success, but I think one always suffers."

"It's funny, if you talk to my manager, he's a beautiful guy, but he's managed a lot of big careers. He'd say flat out, 'If Buble didn't get married and have those kids he'd be a bigger star, easily, truthfully… my manager always says to me, 'It isn't tough to make the decisions kid, it's tough to live with the consequences of those decisions."

The full interview with Michael is available in the March 2023 issue of Red, now on sale.

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