Kim Kardashian Dragged After Giving 2-Hour Speech for Harvard Students

The 'Kardashians' star is ridiculed online for giving a lecture at Harvard Business School during its fourth-annual installment of 'Moving Beyond Direct-to-Consumer' session.

AceShowbiz - Kim Kardashian was honored with a guest-lecturer invitation at Harvard University. "The Kardashians" star was tapped to give a 2-hour speech about business as she arrived at Harvard Business School with a camera crew tailing her on Friday, January 20.

The 42-year-old joined other entrepreneurs at the fourth-annual installment of "Moving Beyond Direct-to-Consumer" session. The surprise visit shocked the staff as well as the students as most of them were unaware that the SKIMS founder would be attending the event.

Upon catching wind of the news, some Internet users found it funny for Kim to be invited as a guest lecturer. "This is hilarious. @KimKardashian can't spell @Harvard," one critic slammed the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" alum.

Someone else pointed out that Kim's background didn't make her a good source for students to learn about business. "Kim Kardashian was born into wealth," another declared. "Attempted to use a sex tape to launch an acting or singing career; neither launched. Kim K was wealthy enough to make a scripted reality TV show work because she & her family are shameless. Harvard is just as tacky as the Kardashians now."

"The words 'Kardashian' and 'Harvard' should never appear in the same sentence…..ever," another said, while one commenter added, "I'd hate to pay that Harvard tuition $$$$ to only get her as a speaker. Do Better, Harvard."

Another comment read, "Lim k on speaking at harvard: 'oh my god, you guys, like i am actually going to speak at harvard, like oh my god, this is such a biggg dealll. (in that whiny voice)'." One other troll further roasted Kim, "Get you're a** up and work that 9-5," referencing her infamous advice to working women last year.

For the event, the reality TV star donned a wide-leg pinstripe black pantsuit and black leather trench coat with pointy-toed boots. According to an attendee, Kim "talked about what she'd been working on and this new private equity firm and SKIMS." The attendee further told PEOPLE, "She was sitting off to the side but was still involved with the lecture."

The source went on to say that Kim was just as mesmerizing in person. "She really looked just like she did on TV. She was stunning, and it was exactly how she's pictured. That's exactly what she looks like," the source gushed, "When she was leaving, she waved at us and said hi as she was walking out." Despite the negative comments online, it was also said that students claimed they "learned a ton" from the session."

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