Noel Gallagher Responds to Nepo Baby Debate, Says Hiring His Own Daughter Is 'Cheap'

The High Flying Birds musician insists getting his offspring to work for him is not 'the worst thing in the world' in response to nepotism baby controversy.

AceShowbiz - Noel Gallagher claims getting his daughter to work for him is "cheap" amid the nepotism baby debate. The former Oasis guitarist's eldest child, 22-year-old Anais Gallagher - whom he had with his first wife Meg Matthews - served as her father's photographer on the road and also just filmed a video to go with the announcement of Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds' upcoming album "Council Skies".

The "Wonderwall" hitmaker - who also has Sonny, 12, and Donovan, 15, with his estranged wife Sara MacDonald - insisted giving children "a leg up" with their careers isn't the "worst thing in the world" when asked about nepo babies, whose way into an industry is attributed to their parent's success and connections.

Speaking to Dave Berry on Absolute Radio on Tuesday, January 17, 2023, he said, "It depends on which way you look at it. My daughter follows me around with a camera and films me and that, she did a film about the making of the album. It's not the worst thing in the world if you get your kids working for you, it's cheap. 'I'm paying half the rent here, get your finger out.' "

When asked if he'd welcome "giving them a leg up," Noel said he'd have no problem with that but his boys aren't interested. He added, "Of course! My lads are scouring TikTok for nonsense to worry about, they're not gonna be a bass player or anything."

"They're just like. 'Can I get some more skins off Fortnite?' My youngest lad was asking for stuff once and I was like, 'How much is it?' '£25.99! That's a lot of money.' And he said 'Mate, you're loaded - I've googled your net worth.' "

The interview comes days after it was confirmed that Noel and Sara are set to divorce. The 55-year-old musician, who has been married to Sara since 2011, moved out of their Hampshire mansion and is said to be currently living in North London. A source told The Sun newspaper, "It is a great shame but they are trying to keep it civilised."

Noel met the 51-year-old publicist in 2000 and they tied the knot 11 years later. However, they haven't been seen together in public in recent times and they're now headed for a divorce.

A spokesman for the former couple said, "Noel and Sara will continue to look after their children who remain the priority. They ask the media to respect their privacy and that of our family at this time."

Noel and Sara are said to be "working everything out steadily to minimise the disruption." The former couple are determined to ensure that their split remains as "civilised" as possible. The insider explained, "Noel has moved out, but in time Sara might want to move back to London. They're working everything out steadily to minimise the disruption."

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