Noah Schnapp Tired of Bowl Haircut in 'Stranger Things'

The Will Byers depicter wants to have a new hairstyle in the upcoming season of the Netflix hit series after sporting a bowl cut in the previous installments.

AceShowbiz - Noah Schnapp has showed support for a public petition to change his "Stranger Things" hair. The 17-year-old actor plays Will Byers in the Netflix series and, though he acknowledged his locks "look different" every season, he wants producers to move away entirely from the variation of a bowl cut he's sported throughout.

"You know, every season we get a new look of the bowl cut - it just always looks different. I mean, I'm hoping like maybe next season we don't do a bowl cut. I just saw the other day a petition, 'Get rid of the bowl cut' and I put my name on it," he said.

Noah felt "a little nervous" about shooting the fourth season of the sci-fi drama series because his character's friendship group has fragmented, but much to his relief, he thinks things worked out for the best.

He said in a recent interview, "I was a little nervous, like, 'What is this new group gonna be like? It's different than just the four boys that I'm used to.' But looking back, it was so good and it just turned out so well, it's such a great group of people."

His co-star, Gaten Materazzo - who plays Dustin Henderson - added, "There's that big separation there, which is really fun to watch, because I think what we're always so great with in the show is working through our problems as a team."

"It's the power of friendship that powers through in true 'Stranger Things' fashion. But now, especially because of the technology at the time, it's not really an option to be in contact during everything that's going on. Because of course, stuff's gonna happen. And it's going to be a rough ride."

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