LaNisha Cole Gushes Over Guy Who 'Changed' Her Life After Shading Nick Cannon

The 'Price Is Right' model opens up about her relationship with artist Brian Paul Kuba, whom she dubs her 'best friend,' after sharing cryptic post about 'leaving toxic relationships.'

AceShowbiz - LaNisha Cole has seemingly had better days now after leaving a "toxic" relationship. Days after apparently shading her baby daddy Nick Cannon on social media, the model has gushed over a guy who "changed" her life in a positive way since they met.

Taking to her Instagram account, the mother of one opened up about her relationship with artist Brian Paul Kuba, whom she dubbed her "best friend." In one post, she revealed that he came up to her at a museum.

In her Stories, the 40-year-old went into detail about their first meeting. Sharing a selfie of her smiling in a car, she wrote, "I took this pic back in January in the parking lot of the Norton Simon Museum. This was the first genuine smile I had in a while. My spirit told me to go."

"It's funny because I was there early and this random car pulls up next to me in a completely empty parking lot and 2 guys get out. One of those guys was @brianpaulkuba," she shared. "I had no idea I was pregnant at the time. But this was the day that I got up off the couch and decided to put myself first. This was me taking myself on a date lol."

She continued, "It forever changed the course of my life for the better. Lord knows I needed someone like him to be by my side throughout one of the most difficult and important moments of a woman's life. Y'all have been watching it play out this entire time."

"He came up to me and was so sweet," LaNisha said of Brian. "We talked for a few minutes and I asked him if I could take his pic. I still had no idea what he actually looked like until we met up again lol." Sharing a picture of Brian smiling to the camera, she wrote over it, "This was the day I actually saw his full face/smile. It was beautiful. I could feel that he had an equally beautiful heart."

In another Story, she penned, "I swear God knew what I needed before I did."

LaNisha also shared black-and-white pics of her cozying up to Brian. "The best hugs from my best friend. We stay smiling through it all," she wrote in the caption.

Brian himself gushed about his relationship with LaNisha in the comment of her post featuring pictures of him holding her daughter. "Our best days were with you Lil Onyx," he wrote. "And now you're finally here going to work with us. You've been there from the beginning. Thank you to @manchastudio for your time my brother and to L .. you've had a vision and passion for this now I truly see it. God is good. God is great. How lucky are we."

Prior to this, LaNisha appeared to shade Nick over his photos with his other kids. "It's not easy but I have to do it for my daughter. She is incredibly blessed and is surrounded by so much love - and it's not fake IG photo op love - it's real day in and day out love," she posted over the weekend.

Later, she asked her followers to share their "stories of overcoming obstacles and leaving toxic relationships." She promised that she'll "talk about my journey one day too but until then I want to hear more from you guys."

Clapping back at her critics, she wrote in a separate Story, "Yes I've made mistakes." She admitted, "Yes I've put myself through unnecessary pain and heartbreak (which we’ve all done in the name of love. You have too!) But I'm choosing to do better. Calling me baby mama #538 every time I say the sky is blue is uncalled for and it's getting old."

"I get it. My life plays out publicly but there's a lot you don't see. There's always so much more I want to say but this isn't the time. I wouldn't change a single thing about my journey because I'm in a beautiful place now and everything has to happen the way it did for me to get here," she added. "I've made peace with every decision I've made in my life and I pray that you make peace with whatever is causing you to be so bitter towards a person you don't know."

LaNisha shares her 3-month-old daughter Onyx Ice Cole Cannon with Nick.

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