Meghan Markle's Half-Sister Labels 'Harry and Meghan' 'Flopumentary' That's Filled With 'Lies'
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Samantha Markle accuses the Duchess of Sussex of manipulation and lies in the wake of ongoing controversy over the release of the Netflix show 'Harry and Meghan'.

AceShowbiz - Meghan Markle's half-sister has accused her of manipulation and lies. Samantha Markle hit out in the wake of ongoing controversy over the release of the the Duchess of Sussex's Netflix show with her husband/the Duke of Sussex.

She labelled the docuseries "Harry & Meghan", which premiered on Netflix on Thursday, December 8, a "flopumentary" and said it verged on "comedy." She told Channel Seven's Sunrise on Friday, December 9, about the six-part show, "It is so much rhetoric at this point, and so many lies have been thrown out there, debunked, and yet still there is this repeated need to push this narrative."

Samantha also spoke about claims made in the documentary she was the reason her estranged daughter Ashleigh Hale, 37, was not invited to the Sussexes' 2018 wedding. Ashleigh claimed in the documentary she was told by the duchess, 41, she could not attend due to her strained relationship with Samantha and amid "guidance" from the palace.

Samantha said, "It was really surprising to hear that there was a narrative spun that made Ashley feel like she was not invited because of something having to do with me." She added, "I heard from a royal insider who knows, that was up to up Meghan, so Meghan lied to my daughter which made my daughter feel begrudging of me."

"I can see how my daughter would have felt, torn between the two and then feeling perhaps like she could not go to the wedding because of me. That is not true, that is a lie," Samantha added. "I found out that the royals did not say that, Meghan said that. She then lied to my daughter and made my daughter feel like it was something wrong with me that prevented her from going to the wedding."

Samantha also slated comparisons in the series made between the duchess and Harry's late mum Princess Diana, saying, "Diana was never noted as being a compulsive liar, Diana was never noted as destroying other people, ignoring people through heart attacks, strokes, pandemics."

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