'The News' arrives after the rock bad unleashed its comeback single, 'This Is Why', in September, which is also the name of their upcoming album that will be released in February 2023.

AceShowbiz - Paramore returns with a new single ahead of the release of their new album. On Thursday, December 8, the rock band unleashed a new song called "The News" along with its creepy music video that features multiple versions of Hayley William, including one with no pupils.

"War, a war, a war on the far side/ On the other side of the planet," the 33-year-old musician sings in the opening verse. "And I've got war, a war, a war right behind my eyes/ Right behind them just like a headache."

Of the song, Hayley detailed in a press release, "Lyrically, it probably explains itself. The 24-hour news cycle is just impossible to comprehend. And I feel a pang of guilt when I unplug to protect my headspace." She added, "The common reaction, or non-reaction, seems to be dissociation. Not one of us is innocent of that and who could blame us?"

When speaking to Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1, Hayley admitted that she and her bandmates were a "little nervous" about the lyrics. She added, "Are people going to think this is our version of crying like fake news? It's not literal at all. And its the balance between apathy and the righteous rage that motivates you to action."

"And I think in between there is wherever your own mental boundary is to protect your own energy," the rocker continued explaining. "And that's just a battle that everyone's going to have to figure out on their own what that looks like."

Hayley went on to share, "Personally, I was like, 'Okay. We're not typically a political band,' and it's not a solely political song or a solely political album." She then noted, "I'm praying and hoping that the perspective and the lyrics that we're presenting is personal enough and as much with respect to everyone’s specific or potential vantage point that maybe other people can relate to it in some way that we haven't even intended. And that's the hopeful part of it."

"The News" arrived after Paramore dropped its comeback single, "This Is Why", which is also the name of their upcoming album. Serving as the follow-up of their 2017 album, "After Laughter", the project willl arrive on February 10 in 2023.

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