Larsa Pippen Prefers Not to Label Her Relationship With Marcus Jordan Until It's 'Exclusive'

In her new interview, the 'Real Housewives of Miami' star also reveals that she would love to walk down the aisle again as she thinks 'marriage is great' and 'amazing.'

AceShowbiz - Larsa Pippen is not ready to put a label on her love life. "The Real Housewives of Miami" star has insisted that she won't call Marcus Jordan her boyfriend until their relationship is "exclusive."

The 48-year-old Bravolebrity told Entertainment Tonight on Thursday, December 8 that she and Marcus are just friends and stressed that it takes more time to make it official as a couple. "You have to spend time with someone, get to know them," she explained, "I feel like the first month, you're just getting to know each other. The second month, it's a little more intimate. The third month, I feel like timing--just spending time with someone."

"We're friends, I'm dating," Larsa noted. The ex-wife of Scottie Pippen added, "I'm at a place right now in my life where I want to spend time with someone, and I spend time with them sometimes."

Larsa elaborated more, "I feel like people want to know what's going on and you don't even know what's going on. So it's kind of like, I wish I could take a beat and introduce the person when I'm ready, not necessarily have someone introduce the person and then like all of a sudden, it's awkward, you know?"

"It's hard, because sometimes stories are made up that are not even real," Larsa said of the coverage that came when she stepped out with the son of Michael Jordan and other friends, who happened to be male. "You're put in a situation where you're like, do I even answer this? Or is it not worth me saying something? Sometimes it's not even what people assume it is. Hey, we're friends, we're hanging out. We're trying to figure things out. I don't want to put pressure on the guy. I don't want to have pressure put on me."

Larsa also stressed that she prefers to be "low profile," yet the paparazzi still managed to catch her. "Every time I've been caught with someone, it's been the most random restaurants, it's been the most random places," she rattled off, "I literally have been trying to dodge bullets for the last few months. It's really hard, it's really challenging."

While Larsa is taking her current dating life day by day, she does think about what she wants for her future. "I liked being married," she confessed. "I think marriage is great. I had a great experience, it was amazing. I had a great run. So, yeah, I would do it again."

Larsa and Marcus first sparked speculations that they're an item in September. Though Larsa has vehemently denied the dating rumors, the two have spent a lot of time together in recent months.

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