Meghan Markle Almost Ditched Prince Harry on Their First Date as He Was Late Looking Like 'a Mess'
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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex apparently had a rough start on their very first date as the royal arrived late giving his date an impression that he was 'egoistical.'

AceShowbiz - Prince Harry showed up late for his first date with Meghan Markle. Arranging their first date at Soho House in central London, the 38-year-old prince arrived late and turned up looking like a "hot sweaty ball of a mess." He recalled in their "Harry and Meghan" documentary series, "I was panicking, I was freaking out. I started sweating."

Meghan, 41, originally thought that Harry was egotistical and that he expected her to wait for him. "Then, I didn't know him. So I was like, 'Is this what he does? Got it - this I'm not doing,' " she said. However, she quickly came to realise that wasn't the case. He said, "I walked in, this hot sweaty ball of a mess, and she realised, 'No, that's not what you are.' "

Harry and Meghan enjoyed a great time together on their first date, with the former "Suits" actress describing the prince as "refreshingly fun." Meghan - who has Archie, three, and Lilibet, 18 months, with Harry - recalled, "He was just so fun, so refreshingly fun. And that was the thing, we were childlike together."

Although their first date only lasted for an hour, Meghan wasted little time in arranging a second date before she left London. She also recalled being told by Harry that her approach was "forward and American."

Meghan said, "I left after an hour and told him that I had other plans. And then I called him that evening and was like. 'Look, I'm leaving the day after tomorrow. Do you want to grab dinner tomorrow night?' And I'm sure he thought it was so forward and American. I'm sure he told me that it was so forward and American. Then yeah, we went and had dinner the next night at the same place."

Meghan also joked that Harry had "an extensive list" of things that he was looking for in a partner. She shared, "He had a list, apparently, of what he was looking for ... an extensive list."

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