Jo O'Meara Hospitalized Due to Complications Following Emergency Surgery

The S Club 7 singer has been in hospital for roughly a week since she's suffering from complications after going under the knife for an emergency spinal operation.

AceShowbiz - Jo O'Meara has been hospitalized for eight days after doctors found a blood clot during her back surgery. After going under the knife for an emergency spinal operation in September, the S Club 7 singer had to return for more surgery in late November and she's now revealed she suffered complications but is now recovering well.

"8 days in hospital And still here! The surgery went well, there was a lot of work to do and they wasn't surprised I was unable to walk with the amount of damage! They also found a blood clot in there so luckily that was removed as well!" she wrote and shared a picture of herself in a hospital bed on Instagram on Sunday, December 4.

Jo went on to insist she's now on the mend, adding, "I am recovering well, suffering very low blood pressure, but on the whole I'm getting there! Slowly but surley [sic]! Thank you for everyone who's been concerned ! And a huge Thank you to Queens hospital and all the lovely staff And the wonderful surgeons who are taking such good care of me! Sending lots of love. Jojo."

Jo previously told fans she was in "horrendous" pain from back problems and an MRI scan revealed she had "four bulging discs" in her spine. She later revealed she was feeling down after being told she needed more surgery to fix her back problems, but remained hopeful the second op would get her back on her feet.

In a post on Instagram, she wrote, "It's been making me feel really quite in a bad place if I'm being honest. I've felt really low. The last few days have been really tough but I'm hopefully with this next surgery, I will be back fighting fit and ready to get out there again so positive thinking."

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