Future Fires Back at Fan Who Slid Into His DMs
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The 'Bum Bum Tam Tam' rapper fires back at one female fan who slides into his DMs, saying, 'You got all them freaked out demonic energies in your studio.'

AceShowbiz - Future is not here for unsolicited opinions. The "Bum Bum Tam Tam" rapper recently fired back at a fan who slid into his DMs, telling the person to shut up.

On Sunday, December 4, a fan shared a screenshot of her exchange with the emcee. She first penned, "You got all them freaked out demonic energies in your studio. Do better. Stay bless."

The message did not go unnoticed by Future. In response, the "I Never Liked You" artist fumed, "Shut your broke a** up h*e." The fan then wrote back, "Lmao damn not that. Praying for you, you are one of my favorite artist. Don't be mean. I'm not your enemy."

While some people dubbed Future's response "brutal," others believed that he was not in the wrong. One person in particular opined, "And she deserves it! Yall be way too invested in these celebrities and what they do. These ppl don't care about y'all…just the money yall help them to make."

Another commented, "Y'all better stop playing with these celebrities. They're human too and more than capable of clapping back and well within their right too!" A third chimed in, "Future be minding his own business. Leave that man alone!"

That aside, Future recently opened up on fatherhood and his vision as a married man. "If I was married, at home with my kids, man, it'd be way different," he told Billboard in November. "That's a life I never lived. It's something you dream about. That's one of my dreams."

Of why he hasn't made that dream come true yet, Future explained, "It's easy for other people, but for me, it's just like, man, this rock star lifestyle, it don't gel well. For even creating music, I just feel like I'm missing out on something if I don't make the music a certain kind of way. I really dedicated my entire life to my fans. I dedicated my entire life to my music. Everything that I love, everything that I got, I put it in music. And the outcome is yet to be determined, still to this day."

However, the rapper, who has several children with different mothers, remains optimistic that he will settle down one day. "I feel like I can have both," he said of having fame and successful marriage at the same time. "When the time's right, it'll happen. It ain't nothing that I'm really chasing. But I do dream of it, and I do want it."

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