Social Media Can't Stand Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes' 'GMA' Return Amid Affair
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While the two 'Good Morning America' anchors feel 'supported' by their colleagues since their romantic relationship is exposed, they're chastised by viewers over their audacity to still work together.

AceShowbiz - While fans are reeling from the bombshell expose of Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes' affair, they are now taken aback by the duo's return to "Good Morning America". On Thursday, December 1, the pair were back to co-host the show's lunchtime segment "GMA3" as if nothing happened.

Needless to say, viewers did not expect this. Taken aback by the show's decision to still let the couple keep their roles, they took to social media to blast ABC and the two anchors for their audacity to work together in light of their affair scandal.

"The way I just gasped seeing Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes hosting GMA3 after this affair scandal. Why did I think they wouldn't be there," one person posted on Twitter. Another shocked viewer reacted, "Wait so TJ Holmes and Amy Robach showed up to work today and acting like nothing happened."

"It's days like today that I need #WendyWilliams on the air..she would have drooled over this #GMA3 mess with #TJJolmes & #AmyRobach," a third user chimed in. A fourth person slammed the show, "Oh, we're just gonna act like there isn't a HUGE story involving 2 of your 3 anchors happening right now? Was it a different TJ Holmes and Amy Robach canoodling on my timeline? I mean, we'll ignore it if you say so. Just know that I'm watching and judging."

The audience's response was apparently in contrast to what Amy and T.J.'s colleagues show to them on their first day back to "GMA" since their PDA pics made headlines. Sources told Page Six the couple described the atmosphere at work as "wonderful" and that they felt "supported and loved" by their ABC colleagues.

"They're not ashamed. They're two consenting adults, who ended up loving each other," one of the sources said. "They hadn't seen each other since Tuesday. It's not how they wanted [news of their relationship] to come out, but it's also kind of a relief."

Defending the couple, another source said Amy and T.J. have been "good friends for eight years." When T.J. went through his split from his wife Marilee Fiebig after cheating allegation among other issues, he reportedly leaned on Amy for support.

"The only person he could lean on was Amy when he was having trouble with his marriage again recently. Amy was the first person he reached out to. No one knew he was getting a divorce until yesterday," a second source said.

A third source dished on Amy and her husband Andrew Shue's marital issues, "Amy and Andrew had a few bumps, and it's always felt like they were exploring avenues." Insiders said Amy's marriage officially came to an end "about six months ago," while a fourth person claimed, "she was very upset about it."

"They were really close and tried to make it work ... She was very sad about her marriage ending. It didn't seem like it was over cheating," the source claimed. It's additionally noted that "no one was blindsided" by Amy and T.J.'s relationship, including their spouses.

Amy is reportedly in the process of divorcing her longtime husband, which is "almost finalized" now. "He moved out earlier this summer," a so-called friend of the "20/20" anchor said. Another source said of Amy's relationship with T.J., "They're in a relationship, they're very happy. They are both broken up from their spouses and they're two consenting adults - they have the right to do what they want."

Amy and T.J. apparently also receive support from the higher-ups at ABC as the network reportedly decided not to take disciplinary action against them in light of their affair. "All they care about is the ratings," a source explained to Page Six. "This is ratings gold. That's why [ABC News President] Kim [Goodwin] wanted them on the show today."

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