Lil Baby's BM Ayesha Calls Out Fan Who Brings Up Their 8-Year Age Gap

Ayesha Howard, who shares son Jason with the 'Do We Have a Problem?' rapper, claps back at one person after commenting on her post in which she suggests she regrets not cheating on the rapper when they were dating.

AceShowbiz - Lil Baby's first baby mama Ayesha Howard just wanted to get things off her chest over their past romance. However, one online user suddenly brought up the exes' 8-year gap, prompting Ayesha to put the individual on blast.

Taking to Instagram Story, Ayesha, who goes by the name of Little Ms. Golden, suggested she regrets being faithful to the "Do We Have a Problem?" rapper. Sharing a quote that read, "To this day, it bothers me that I never cheated on my baby daddy," she penned in her own message, "I'm so sap for this."

The post has since been re-shared by The Neighborhood Talk on Instagram. That was when the troll commented, "Can we talk about the big age gap between the two?"

Catching wind of the remark, Ayesha shot back, "and after you're finish ask yourself what good did it do for yourself." She added, "And I'll show you what it did for mine... GO!!"

Ayesha has never shied away from calling out Baby on social media. Back in July, she blamed the "Drip Too Hard" emcee for giving her "emotional scars" that ruin her current love life.

"My Babydaddy f**ked me up, he's the reason I don't tap in emotionally when I deal with men," Ayesha lamented on Twitter. "I never want to feel that type pain and betrayal again so I've shut down on everybody even people who probably really love me."

Ayesha, who shares son Jason with Baby, went on to argue, "I'm literally losing my favorite n***a cause he said I'm not affectionate." She further explained, "I'm just trying to protect my heart tho."

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