Juice WRLD's Close Ones Subtly Slam Ally Lotti's Claim About Rapper's Autopsy Report

Prior to this, the late 'Goodbye and Good Riddance' rapper's girlfriend claimed that the hip-hop star didn't die from an accidental drug overdose despite the autopsy report declaring so.

AceShowbiz - Juice WRLD's close ones are now speaking out. Juice's anonymous pal and DJ Scheme appeared to slam late rapper's girlfriend Ally Lotti's claim that he didn't die from an accidental drug overdose.

On Tuesday, November 29, Juice's cousin, Millz, shared his thoughts via @theabyssbrand on Instagram. "One of my last things I told juice while he was alive was to take care of his loved ones, his homies, his family and watch out for that 'b***h'!!" he began. "He got so mad at me for telling him the truth because I seen everyone's true colors!"

Millz then explained, "I left cuz I couldn't take the unhealthyness n how we were moving and how she was controlling him!!" He then stated that they had to leave due to their grandma's cancer diagnosis and that "God removed me from that toxic situation at that perfext time."

"Even after that decision i had to make, I look up and I hear 'day one' song was created about me leaving that toxic situation," Millz continued. he further spilled, "The nerve she had calling us 'bag boys' and maids .. to me beezy and Ty was sick.. I wake up one day and she's calling a 19 year old 'dad'!"

The anonymous pal went on sharing, "Crazy how karma comes back around ! She lost her main income in an extraordinary human being that was here to heal millions!" Without naming names, Millz then accused Juice's girlfriend, "And you crippled this man by keeping him away from his only ppl that brought him energy and you along with the label manipulated that man until it literally drove him crazy!"

"So let that man rest because he's done a lot for everyone he encountered [black heart emojis] RIP J," the pal stressed, before alleging, "I just feel like god removed J because everyone was literally using that man from the time he woke up until the time he was sleep. From the label, to his girlfriend and even his mom! S**t was just sad to see! And so delusional to where they said and thought it was me and beezy was the problem!!"

In addition to Juice's cousin, DJ Scheme, who always supported Juice, tweeted, "Sorry to the fans yall don't deserve this," after Ally's claims went viral on social media. Despite many urging him to "show what type of person she is," Scheme remains silent. He, however, said in a separate post, "Praying for good health mentally and physically for everyone [black heart emoji]."

Things got messy after Ally hopped on Instagram Live to call out people who recently called her to task about her behavior since the "Lucid Dreams" rapper's death. "Jarad would be dead proud of me, b***h. So, suck my d**k," she said, "You don't know that n***a. He wouldn't even give a s**t. He'll piss on you if you were f**king on fire. You don't get it, like, at all."

"Y'all mad 'cause I'm literally like, 'Ah, blah blah blah.' You guys think he died of a drug overdose," Ally continued. "You're wrong! You're wrong, literally! You're wrong! So, suck a d**k. 'Cause a lot of s**t y'all don't know that I've f**king grieved through myself while I let y'all grieve and talk mad s**t on me."

Ally's claims came ahead of the third anniversary of the death of Juice. Upon learning of Ally's statement, the "Goodbye & Good Riddance" artist's team chose to not weigh in on the issue.

Juice passed away on December 8, 2019 after suffering a seizure while authorities were searching a plane he was on for drugs and weapons. According to the official medical examiner's report, the Chicago rapper died "as a result of oxycodone and codeine toxicity." His death was ruled an accident.

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