Kodak Black Rips 21 Savage for Commenting on His Album Sales, Defends Nas Amid 'Irrelevant' Claim

Making use of Instagram Story on Tuesday, November 15, the 25-year-old 'Wake Up in the Sky' rapper called out the 'Her Loss' artist for speaking negatively about his album sales.

AceShowbiz - Kodak Black isn't happy with 21 Savage commenting on his album sales. Taking to Instagram Story on Tuesday, November 15, the "Wake Up in the Sky" rapper called out the "Her Loss" artist over his remark.

"21 do his thing I give him credit where its due, but don't come for me [talking] 'bout my album sales homie that ain't gangsta!" the 25-year-old emcee, whose real name is Bill Kahan Kapr, argued. "You n***as know what I been thru in this s**t. And you n***as had a whole consistent run with no hiccups [for real] and y'all 30 years old plus!"

"I'm a yung n***a doin this s**t since I came in the game. I was in and out of jail. And y'all still aint really doing [nothing] where I gotta catch up!" the Pompano Beach native further fumed. "I'm doing pretty dam good for myself still like I aint never been nowhere! Imagine if I didn't tho... But let's see how this shit go now that I been home and I'm consistent with this s**t."

Prior to this, Kodak slammed 21 Savage during an Instagram Live for saying Nas is no longer relevant. "This muthaf**ka talking about Nas irrelevant," he raged. "How the f**k Nas ain't relevant, homie? N***a smoking d**k because of Drake. We from the projects. We from the trenches. We don't give a f**k about no f**king...you did a Drake. We salute Drake. We love Drake. OK, whatever. Fam, folks smoking d**k. Nas that n***a."

21 Savage made the comment about Nas in a Clubhouse room titled "Is Nas the Greatest Rapper or What?" on Sunday. "What y'all saying, relevant though?" he asked, before stating, "I don't feel like he's relevant. I just feel like he got fans."

Other users in the chat were upset by the 30-year-old's remark. However, instead of issuing apology, he doubled down on his statement by noting, "He's not relevant... He just has a loyal a** fan base. He just has a loyal fan base and he still make good-a** music."

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