21 Savage Dubbed 'Pathetic' for Saying Nas Is Irrelevant

The London-born hip-hop artist, who recently released a joint album with Drake called 'Her Loss', makes his comment in a Clubhouse room titled, 'Is Nas the Greatest Rapper or What?'

AceShowbiz - 21 Savage caught flak for saying Nas is irrelevant. The "Glock in My Lap" rapper made the comment in a Clubhouse room on Sunday, November 13 and many have since attacked him.

In a room titled "Is Nas the Greatest Rapper or What?" 21 Savage first asked, "What y'all saying, relevant though?" He added, "I don't feel like he's relevant. I just feel like he got fans."

Other users in the Clubhouse room were upset by the 30-year-old's remark. However, instead of issuing apology, he doubled down on his statement by noting, "He's not relevant... He just has a loyal ass fan base. He just has a loyal fan base and he still make good-a** music."

Many Twitter users were also enraged by 21 Savage's comment. "Well, I just listened to a Clubhouse and some dude was saying Nas isn't relevant. I think 21 Savage was saying it. It's pathetic to me that 21 Savage thinks he's more of a cultural impact than Nas," one user in particular argued.

"21 Savage was on Clubhouse talking about how Nas is not relevant. I swear this album he did with Drake is going straight to his crooked a** nose," another fumed. Someone else chimed in, "Has the nerve to call Nas irrelevant when all this man does is hop on a track and say '21' throughout the entire song."

"21 Savage said Nas is irrelevant. It's funny because Nas at 49 years old just released four better quality albums than his whole discography," a different individual defended Nas. "But it's even funnier when 21 Savage is being relevant exclusively thanks to Drake in the last year."

Both 21 Savage and Nas had new music for fans. The former dropped his joint album with Drake called "Her Loss" on November 4, while Nas released "King's Disease III" on November 11.

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