Britney Spears 'Forgot' What It Felt Like to Use Her Own Money After 13-Year Conservatorship

Britney explains why holding cash and using her own money to make a purchase was a 'pretty big deal' for her after not being allowed to while under the conservatorship of his father.

AceShowbiz - Britney Spears insists buying something independently for the first time in almost 15 years was a "pretty big deal." The "Toxic" hitmaker claims she "forgot" what it felt like to use her money to make a purchase after being stuck in a 13-year conservatorship that gave her father Jamie Spears, 70, the legal right to decide all her financial, healthcare, and professional decisions.

"I forgot what it was like to buy something. I mean you would THINK I was the hardest working one in my family. Jesus f****** Christ … I got my first ATM card a year ago the exact date, October 19, 2021 … pretty big deal for me !!!" the 40-year-old pop idol wrote on Instagram while documenting the thrill of the experience.

The "Circus" hitmaker - who married 28-year-old model Sam Asghari this year - recalled how before she "had to step aside" for someone else to finalise the transaction because she was not permitted to do so.

Britney said, "The significance in buying something for the first time in 15 years … security held my credit card for 15 years… when it was time to purchase I always had to step aside and be ghosted as they would type the code in and write my name .. it was always a credit card !!! I hadn't had cash in years…"

She continued, "Hopefully just a few can understand the belittling morality in waiting in line with a man always ahead of you ghosting you and purchasing things on your behalf .. the significance in using your own two hands and do the interchange of whatever the purchase may be SPEAKS VOLUMES as opposed to another person ripping me that right of nearly 15 years!"

The "Crossroads" star - who has sons Sean Preston, 17, and Jayden, 16, with her ex Kevin Federline, 44 - condemned the legal system's ability to "grant" her assets to anyone else. Britney said, "How dare a state or nation of any sort grant any man or woman the right to my possessions in my name … guess it's not that big of a deal !!!! I mean it felt like my dad was trying to kill me. I've spoken about it several times, have proof, and witnesses of what he did…"

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