Meghan Markle Told by 'Very, Very Influential and Inspiring Woman' Not to Lose Her Voice as Royal

In her latest podcast episode, Duchess Meghan talks about feminism and words of encouragement she received from a 'very, very influential and inspiring woman' following wedding.

AceShowbiz - Meghan, Duchess of Sussex reveals a "very, very influential and inspiring woman" encouraged her to carry on with her activism as a royal. The mystery individual told Meghan to continue raising women's issues and advocating for social justice and not lose her voice after the 41-year-old former actress married into the British royal family in 2018 when she tied the knot with Prince Harry.

"It reminded me of a message that was shared with me just a few days before my wedding by a very, very influential and inspiring woman, who - for her own privacy - I won't share who it was with you," she told guests Jameela Jamil and Shohreh Aghdashloo on the latest episode of Meghan's Spotify podcast "Archetypes".

"But she said to me, 'I know that your life is changing but please don't give up your activism, don't give up because it means so much to women and girls.' And I kept doing the work for women and girls because it matters, yes, but also because she encouraged me to do so. And the collective voice of all of us telling each other, that matters is perhaps the point. There's safety in numbers but there's also strength in numbers."

Elsewhere, the former "Suits" star spoke about the use of words such as "woke" and "feminism," which are often used against women with strongly held opinions. The mother-of-two - who has Archie, shared, "I thought a lot about words that become unnecessarily charged as it pertains to women, like feminism, for example, often treated, as taboo as the f word or the word woke."

"I know I'm saying woke, I fully realise I am spoon-feeding the clickbait, but here's why. Because woke by definition means alert to injustice in society especially racism. Now what's loaded or wrong with that? And when you layer a woman into that seemingly anodyne definition, it becomes for many almost disgusting, outrageous they would say. But why, what is so scary about a woman having an opinion as strongly as a man does?"

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