Lindsay Lohan on Avoiding 'Pressure' and 'Attention' After Long Hiatus
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The 'Mean Girls' actress, who chose to return to the screen in the new Netflix romcom 'Falling for Christmas', insists that she is 'not one' who wants the 'attention' that comes with a career revival.

AceShowbiz - Lindsay Lohan has opened up more about her return to the screen. In a new interview, the actress, who recently took years-long hiatus, insisted that she does not want the "attention" that comes with a career revival.

The 36-year-old actress enjoyed massive success in the early 2000s with starring roles in comedies such as "Freaky Friday" and "Mean Girls" but has taken a break from showbusiness in recent years but chose to return to the screen in the new Netflix romcom "Falling for Christmas" so she could avoid "pressure."

She said, "I wanted to do something where people felt like I hadn't left. You know a lot of people say 'comeback' and stuff, and that puts a lot of pressure on the situation, and I'm not one that wants that attention. I'm not the kind of person that thinks about the movies I've done and how well-versed I am in this industry."

The "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen" star, who started out in the industry as a child playing the dual leading role of twins Hallie Parker and Annie James in Disney hit "The Parent Trap" but chose to step back from the industry almost a decade ago over persona reasons, went on to add that she "loves the routine" of working on a movie set.

She told WhoWhatWear, "I love the routine! I love my matcha latte, or now, I've switched to oat-milk coffee, which I feel fancy even saying. I am that really cheery person every morning on set. I love greeting my crew and doing my own audio mic. And I always look forward to my short 30-minute lunch break. It just excites me. Audiences need to see that we actually had fun making [the film]."

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