Lil Durk Vows to Stop Dissing the Dead: 'I'm Not Chasing Death No More'

After violence cost the lives of some people close to him, the 'Viral Moment' rhymer says he's now focused on earning generational wealth and giving a better life to his family.

AceShowbiz - Lil Durk has seemingly left the street life. Having dealt with so much pain and grief caused by violence even before turning 30, the Chicago rapper has vowed to change his ways and spread a different message in his music.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Durkio vowed that he will not speak on the dead anymore in any of his future rhymes. "Even if you do 99 percent of s**t right, you still got 1 percent of the demons with you," he told the publication. "You get angry fast, and one reply can f**k up a billion dollars. That's why I'm not saying names no more [in my music]. I ain't speaking on the dead no more - none of that."

"I'm not chasing death no more," Durk said, as he's focused on earning generational wealth and giving a better life to his family. "I'm chasing a billion dollars. I want our kids to grow up safe and sound, to be able to have fun, to have a real life."

The last two years have been especially hard for Durk as he lost some of his closed ones. In November 2020, his protege King Von passed away after he was shot on November 6 following an altercation involving Von's crew and Quando Rondo's crew outside a hookah lounge in Atlanta, Georgia. Then in June 2021, his brother DThang, born Dontay Banks Jr., met a similar fate after he was shot and killed outside of a Chicago nightclub.

Following the devastating losses, King Von's uncle Range Rover had actually suggested that Durk stop mentioning dead people in his music shortly after his brother died, because triggering the trauma of a certain loss would actually cause more violence.

"Durk steady saying these n***as names in songs like you don't have to do that bro," he said. "This what got his brother shot. I'm not going to say killed because I don't know if he dead."

Ranger went on explaining, "I f**k with his music. His movement. He making money. I'm not hating. I love to see what he's doing. Shorty up $30, $40 million like I love to see that because I'm from one block, he's from the next block over. My daddy used to hang with Durk's daddy."

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