Kanye West Allegedly Fired Yeezy Worker for Suggesting Drake's Music

A new report also claims that Yeezy staff had 12- to 15-hour work days and faced issues regarding inconsistent or delayed payments and abrupt firings for innocuous missteps.

AceShowbiz - No Drake's songs are allowed in Yeezy. If a new report is to be believed, Kanye West created "abusive" and "toxic" work environment at Yeezy with the "cult-like atmosphere." A new extensive report by Rolling Stone detailed the "Donda" artist's alleged mistreatment of its staffers and contractors.

Sources told the news outlet that workers accepted positions believing they had landed a dream job. However, it didn't take long for them to find themselves in a "cult-like atmosphere."

The report claimed that staff had 12- to 15-hour work days. There were also issues regarding inconsistent or delayed payments and abrupt firings for innocuous missteps. "Nothing has ever compared to the amount of chaos, the amount of stress and [the amount of] anxiety you go through working for Yeezy," an Adidas x Yeezy senior team member spilled to the magazine.

Another former employee also revealed a 2015 incident at the Yeezy studio. According to the insider, Ye had a habit of playing his own music in the work space. He later would ask for other recommendations after someone suggested he play something else.

One day, the ex-husband of Kim Kardashian scanned the room before pointing the ex-staffer to say what he wanted to hear. "I thought, 'Oh, he's a rapper, I should probably mention some rap,' " said the former staffer before he proposed Drake's music. "Big mistake-the next day I was fired."

Another employee said the constant firings might be due to Kanye's mistrust toward his inner circle. "Everyone's always on the verge of losing their job, so the dynamics are total chaos," the former staffer opined. "He doesn't necessarily have people that he can trust around him."

Echoing the theory was one contractor. "The biggest issue is that he doesn't appear to have high-level operational people that he trusts," the contractor explained. "Without the operational backbone, no company can really exist for a super long time. You can't build a multi-billion-dollar brand without an operations director who stays in the job for more than six months. … He needs professionals that don't give a shit that he's Kanye West."

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