'Stranger Things' Fifth and Final Season Premiere Title May Hint at Eddie's Return

Fans of Netflix's sci-fi adventure series receive a special treat on Stranger Things Day from the highly-anticipated show's screenwriters, The Duffer Brothers.

AceShowbiz - "Stranger Things" fans receive a special treat on Stranger Things Day. The screenwriters are making major headway with the fifth season by making a major announcement. The title of the fifth and final season has finally been revealed.

On Sunday, November 6, the writers announced that the premiere is officially titled "Chapter One: The Crawl". It's also unveiled that the first episode of the final season is written by The Duffer Brothers.

The title has left fans questioning what exactly it could mean. Many believed that it hints at the return of Joseph Quinn's character Eddie Munson. In the season 4 finale, Eddie famously played a cover of Metallica's "Master of Puppets" as part of the plan to bring down Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower). The song happens to feature a pre-chorus line that references crawling, seemingly hinting that Eddie might not be dead after all.

Stranger Things Day commemorated the day Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) first went missing in 1983. On the special day, there were special screenings across U.S. movie theaters that projected "Stranger Things 4: Volume 2". Around the globe, there were experiences that fans could go to for free giveaways, photo ops and exclusive merchandise inspired by the Netflix series.

The highly-anticipated final season of "Stranger Things" has fans on the edge and the Duffer Brothers have promised not to add too many new characters and focus on the established core cast. "I just like shaking it up, so we shake it up by changing the plot or adding in a new monster. We're doing our best to resist [adding new characters] for Season 5. We're trying not to do that so we can focus on the OG characters, I guess," Matt Duffer told IndieWire.

Maya Hawke had her own idea of how she wanted her character, Robin Buckley, to end Season 5 and that was with a "hero's moment." In an interview with Rolling Stone, she shared, "I would love to die and get my hero's moment."

"I'd love to die with honor, as any actor would. But I love the way that the Duffer Brothers love their actors," Maya elaborated further. "The reason that they write so beautifully for me and for everyone else is because they fall in love with their actors and their characters, and they don't want to kill them. I think that's a beautiful quality that they have, and I wouldn't wish it away."

The "Stranger Things" writers first revealed on August 2, that the writers' room for the first and final season was officially underway. "Day 1," the tweet read. The writers also included a photo of a whiteboard with just the "Stranger Things 5" logo written on it.

Ross previously revealed that the writers' room would start in August. "We're going to take a little vacation in July," he told Collider. "And then we're going to come back. I know that the writer's room is going to start in that first week of August."

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