Naomi Watts Becomes More Sensitive to Smell After Starting Menopause at 36

The 'King Kong' actress explains that she has stopped wearing perfume every day because she has become more sensitive to smell following her early menopause.

AceShowbiz - Naomi Watts no longer wears perfume every day because she's become more "sensitive to smell." Creating her beauty brand Stripes to meet the needs of menopausal women, "The Watcher" star - who became perimenopausal at 36 - says one of her favourite products is a body oil because it can give her a "subtle" scent.

"I really love The Full Monty, which is our body oil. It leaves such a beautiful, velvety finish, and is nongreasy, plus has plenty of antioxidants. And the smell is just divine," she told when asked her favourite product in the range.

"Interestingly, you become more sensitive to smell when you are in menopause, and what you used to love before, you suddenly can't tolerate. So the smells are subtle, but they're just enough. I tend to not wear perfume as much unless I'm going out. I don't want to wear perfume every day like I may have done at different times of my life, so the body oil gives you that nice little scent."

While the 54-year-old actress likes the body oil, her "number one favourite" item in the range is a serum. She said, "I'm really deeply in love with the serum. It can live on its own; it doesn't have to have a moisturizer over it."

"It's packed with five different kinds of hyaluronic acid, mushroom extract, and really great for strengthening the skin barrier but also creating deep hydration on a cellular level. That's my number one favourite."

Naomi teamed up with Amyris for her new range and she knew quickly they were the right company to collaborate with. She said, "I knew I wanted to work with a partner, because I still have my day job, which I enjoy very much."

"I'd heard about Amyris a few times in the beauty space having come from ONDA Beauty, and I knew I wanted to work with a lab that was only going to be using clean ingredients. I knew they were creating formulas for other brands, but I didn't know they were creating brands from the ground up, so I basically did a cold reach out."

"They were definitely a company that believed in being clean and sustainable, and had the right alignment in every way, as well as great resources. I reached out literally at the beginning of the pandemic and talked to them about the idea, vision, and purpose of the brand, and they latched onto it right away."

"I would say it's come about pretty quickly, but it's also been a solid 18 months, nearly two years, since that call."

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