Jamie Lee Curtis Regrets Getting Botox as She Says It Makes Her Look Like 'Plastic Figurine'

The 63-year-old 'Halloween' actress insists she feels good in 'her skin and mind' as she advises against getting plastic surgery and Botox to maintain youthful look.

AceShowbiz - Jamie Lee Curtis feels comfortable "in [her] skin, in [her] mind" and "in [her] body" in her 60s. The "Halloween Ends" star at the age of 63 is glad to be growing old gracefully and not succumbing to Hollywood pressures to get plastic surgery and dye her grey hair so she can adhere to some invented beauty ideal.

Speaking to "Today", Jamie insists she is at her happiest now she is in her seventh decade of life. "I think over the years of trial and error, a lot of therapy, a lot of sobriety, that now I am made for Jamie. I feel good in my skin, in my mind, in my body," she said.

Jamie - who has reprised her role as Laurie Strode, a survivor of serial killer Michael Myers, in her latest horror role - is delighted that her age positive attitude has led to her being cast in many interesting movies, such as murder mystery "Knives Out".

She said, "Maybe the more movies I get to make where people go, 'Oh, she looks like an old lady,' okay, it's all good. Aging is what happens. We're human."

Jamie and her husband Christopher Guest have two grown-up daughters, Ruby and Anne, and she has always told them not to get any sort of cosmetic procedure, and will continue to relay that message to them both.

She said, "My advice is don't mess with your face. I did plastic surgery. I put Botox in my head. Does Botox make the big wrinkle go away? Yes. But then you look like a plastic figurine."

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