Buckingham Palace Trespasser Granted Bail After Pleading Guilty to Repeated Break-In Attempts

The man apprehended in the ground of Buckingham Palace has been released on bail after admitting to repeatedly attempting to break in to the royal palace.

AceShowbiz - A man arrested in the grounds of Buckingham Palace twice in four days had attempted to break in a month before, a court has heard. Daniel Brydges was discovered by staff in the grounds of the royal residence in London on December 18 and 22 last year, but Westminster Magistrates' Court was told on Wednesday, October 12 he had also travelled from his Portsmouth home and tried to get into the palace on November 15 but was not charged.

The 33 year old pleaded guilty to two counts of trespassing and damaging the barbed wire fence "belonging to the Queen's estate."

Police at Buckingham Palace were first informed there was an "unknown man on the estate" at 5.43 P.M. on December 18 and Brydges was found hiding in shrubbery on the West Terrace, though prosecutor Sudara Weerasena said it was "unknown how long he had been there before staff spotted him."

She added, "He had climbed over the Royal Mews fence, he then scaled another fence bordering the gardens. Whilst doing so, he caused criminal damage to the barbed wire fencing. He was then detained and arrested before being taken to the police station."

The man was interviewed on December 19 and claimed he was homeless and looking for somewhere to sleep, but did not know he was trespassing in the palace grounds.

However, three days later, he was spotted climbing over the main gate. The prosecutor said, "He stoops down behind a Land Rover and is seen looking around. He is then again challenged by a member of staff, before running off. He is then chased by palace officers and detained again."

Brydges claimed he had returned to the palace to collect a bottle he had left the last time he was there, but he had also been identified trying to get into the residence grounds through a loading bay a month earlier.

Sudara said, "He was challenged by staff and told them he was homeless and had travelled here from Hampshire."

In addition, he had been identified as a "suspicious male" on the stairs of Thames House in Millbank on December 11, with the prosecutor saying he was "challenged by staff - he again told them he was homeless and looking for somewhere to stay."

Although he wasn't charged for the two earlier trespassing incidents, the prosecutor argued, "First and foremost, I draw attention to the fact his second offence was committed whilst on bail, and it is crucial to include each time he travels into London to trespass."

District Judge Annabelle Pilling released him on bail and ordered reports to be made ahead of a sentencing hearing. She told him, "You have now pleaded guilty to these three offences. They are serious - they are more serious in your case as you committed an offence whilst on bail."

"I need to know more about whether you will commit further offences in the future. I need to know whether you are someone who ignores rules by the police or the court. I'm granting you bail with the same conditions as before - you are not to enter a royal palace or residence."

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