YouTuber Dream Trolled After Revealing Face for First Time

The 'Minecraft' gamer admits he's 'nervous' before showing the face behind his iconic smiley mask in a 5-minute video and gaining mixed reactions from people on Twitter.

AceShowbiz - While gaining traction is not something unusual for YouTube star Dream (II), he is now trending for a different reason. The Twitch streamer, who is known primarily for creating "Minecraft" content, has become the talk of the town after showing his face for the first time to his fans and subscribers.

The 23-year-old "Minecraft" gamer has been hiding behind his smooth, egg-colored smiley face mask for years. That, however, changed on Monday, October 3 when he finally revealed the face behind the iconic mask in a new video posted on his YouTube channel, which has over 30 million subscribers.

In the approximately 5-minute video, Dream kept staling by showing his room before he finally did the reveal one minute into it. "I'm so nervous. Do I just drop it?" he admitted, while holding the mask which has been covering his face all the time.

"Hi. It feels so awkward talking to a camera for the first time," Dream said after dropping the mask. He then reintroduced himself by his real name, "Hi, my name is Clay, otherwise known as Dream online."

Of the reason why he decided to reveal his face after years, Dream explained that he was going to meet a friend for the first time after chatting online for several years. He added that he wanted to live a more public life and "start doing things" including meeting fellow internet creators.

The face reveal gained a lot of interest. It amassed 16 million views in less than 12 hours. While many were excited to see his face for the time, not all of the response was nice. "Put the mask back on," one person wrote on Twitter. Another tweeted, "dream stans forcing themselves to think dream is hot."

Some others compared Dream's appearance to that of disgraced YouTuber Shane Dawson and made fun of his chin. "I want all my fellow friends with a big chin to know that this trait looks ugly only on racist people (Dream)," one person wrote.

His fans, however, were more supportive of his decision to reveal his face, with his friend commenting on the video, "So proud of you man :) it's been years in the making and you're finally on the other side of it! Excited for this new era and I'm so excited to finally meet you IRL love u man."

"Imagine how hard it is to face reveal after all the expectations from millions of fans," a fan sympathized. "How nervous and anxious he was. Bro I'm so proud of you. Hope this will be a new chapter of life where you can be yourself more. Wish you happiness and success."

"Dream you're perfect as you are, don't let these 'Fans' tell you otherwise, because you're amazing!" another reminded him, while someone else chimed in, "Congratulations, Dream! I'm very glad you are comfortable with sharing your face. Very handsome dude indeed, go ahead and turn the PowerPoint slide on a new chapter for the Dreamworld. Such a godly man."

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