Coolio's Girlfriend 'Aware' He Was Seeing Other Women

The 'Gangsta's Paradise' hitmaker's girlfriend Mimi also admits that she 'collapsed' to her knees in shock when she discovered the rapper had suddenly passed away.

AceShowbiz - Coolio's girlfriend was "aware" he was seeing other women. The "Gangsta's Paradise" rapper, who passed away on Wednesday, September 28, after suffering cardiac arrest at the age of 59, had been in a 10-year relationship with Mimi Ivey when he died and now she has claimed the pair had "no secrets."

She said, "He was who he was. If he was seeing other women, I knew about it. There's nothing that man ever did that he hid from me. We talked about everything. I knew his whole life. We had no secrets."

The exotic dancer went on to add that while she and Coolio, whose real name was Artis Leon Ivey Jr., were not legally married, she still took his last name and has decided to adhere to his wishes by not organizing a funeral.

She told, "I'm respecting his wishes. He wanted to be cremated. He did not want a funeral. He did not want a memorial service. He didn’t want any of that."

Meanwhile, Mimi, who has two children from a previously relationship, added that when she discovered that Coolio had died, she "collapsed" to her knees in shock.

She said, "I just remember all of the air and life coming out of my body. I was outside, getting ready to take my son to football practice. All I remember was dropping to my knees. I collapsed."

The Grammy Award-winning star, who is survived by children Jackie, Brandi, Artisha, Artis, Grtis, Milan, Darius, Zhaneland, and twins Shayne and Kate from various relationships, was found "unresponsive" by the Los Angeles Fire Department at his home on Wednesday, September 28, at around 4 P.M, and while they tried to revive him for nearly an hour, he was "declared dead" later in the day.

In a statement to Entertainment Tonight, the emergency services said, "LAFD arrived four minutes after dispatch to find an approximately 60-year-old male unresponsive, and they performed resuscitation efforts for approximately 45 minutes, per protocol. With consultation through the Base Hospital Physician, the patient was declared dead just before 5:00 P.M. PT. LAFD cleared the scene, which was left under LAPD supervision, awaiting the Coroner."

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