6ix9ine Being Challenged to Boxing Match by Dubai DJ After Nightclub Brawl

The Brooklyn rapper and the DJ, who goes by Lucasdirty, had a brawl earlier this month at the Soho Palm Club in Duba after the latter allegedly refused to play the emcee's music.

AceShowbiz - The drama between 6ix9ine a.k.a. Tekashi69 and a Dubai DJ he attacked a few days ago apparently has yet to be over. Days after they were embroiled in a nightclub fight, the DJ, who goes by Lucasdirty, challenged the "GOOBA" rapper to a boxing match.

Lucasdirty shared his side of the story in an interview with TMZ. "I was privately requested by the management of the club to play the artist's music," he explained. "That doesn't align with any of beliefs, principles, my morals."

"As a DJ, we should have the right to play what we want to play and decline […] This didn't align with my taste," he continued recalling. "I was greeted 10 minutes later in the DJ booth. You see the situation that happened."

Lucasdirty then revealed what he thinks is "a good idea" to resolve the problem. "I live in Dubai. It's a beautiful city. We luckily enough, we have Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and Deji fighting in November. They're coming to Dubai to put on a boxing exhibition," he stated.

"I would quite happily like to join that boxing exhibition as an undercard and if anything needs settling, maybe we could do something there," he further detailed. "That would be fun, right?"

Lucasdirty and 6ix9ine had a brawl earlier this month. In some videos surfacing online, the "GOOBA" rapper was seen furiously attacking the DJ and was being attacked while at the Soho Palm Club in Dubai.

According to Hollywood Unlocked, the Brooklyn emcee was outside Dubai's Soho Palm club when he asked the DJ to play one of his songs for the club-goers. As soon as the DJ rejected the request, the rhymer assaulted the DJ.

6ix9ine, however, slammed HU for its misleading headline. "I love how u guys write a whole story/essay… explain what happened and then headline it something else," he wrote in a comment. "that 69 PR hate train working overtime. DJ got smoked."

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