Jack and Kelly Osbourne So Scared That They Almost Jumped Out of Window in Haunted House

Jack Osbourne reveals he and his sister were so terrified of the strange noise that they nearly jumped out of the window when they were left alone in an old house.

AceShowbiz - Jack Osbourne reveals his hiding place from ghosts as he and sister Kelly Osbourne thought their house was haunted. Growing up in a Grade II-listed building which was previously a hospital for the mentally ill, the siblings - whose parents are Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne - were left home alone when they were off school sick one day and found themselves terrified by spooky sounds.

"We were watching TV in my parents' bedroom. The floorboard on that landing makes a very distinct sound and we heard someone walking along - very heavy-footed," Jack told the Daily Star newspaper.

"The footsteps were walking towards the room Kelly and I were in and whatever was making those footsteps was rattling the cupboard doors along the corridor. We were so convinced the footsteps were coming for us, we opened a window and thought about jumping. Instead we hid under the bed."

Jack - who has returned to Welder House in Jordans for Discovery+ show "Haunted Homecoming" - admitted he is "still racking his brain trying to figure out what it was."

Originally built in 1889, the home was made by Mervyn McCartney for his father-in-law politician Charles Thomson Ritchie before being sold and used as a convalescent home for "women with mild nervous maladies" between 1911 and 1916.

Following World War One, the Home Office loaded the building for military nurses suffering from PTSD. Although some people will undoubtedly be skeptical of Jack's claims, he revealed a "non-believer" friend he's known since childhood has no explanation for his own experiences at the home.

The TV star said, "He thinks what I do is a joke - but he had an experience. He and his wife were staying at Welders and heard a piano playing and a woman singing - but nobody was there."

"The following morning they shared what they heard with each other - that's two independent witnesses both hearing the same thing. My friend thinks the paranormal is all nonsense but he had no idea what they could have been or how it could have happened."

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