Nick Cannon Hails Daughter Powerful Queen as His 'Hero' as She Recovers From Leg Injury
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Making use of his Instagram page, 'The Masked Singer' host shares some photos of his daughter and a video where he holds the baby girl as a cast is being taken off her right leg.

AceShowbiz - Nick Cannon couldn't be more proud of his daughter Powerful Queen. "The Masked Singer" host hailed the toddler as his "hero" for being brave enough amid her recovery from a leg injury.

Making use of Instagram, Nick shared some photos of his daughter and a video where he held the baby girl as a cast was being taken off her right leg. In the caption, the rapper/comedian first gushed, "This little girl is so brave and strong."

"Finally getting her cast cut off after truly living up to her name as a Powerful Queen Super Hero!" Nick continued. "A scary journey for Daddy to say the least but Pow kept me from being an emotional wimp! She is my hero!!"

Nick has yet to reveal what happened to Powerful Queen. However, the post has melt some people's hearts as one person raved, "I just love how you are there for all of your kids. That's what truly matters! Period." Another added, "From what I see, you're an amazing dad."

Nick's post arrived after one of his baby mamas, Bre Tiesi, launched into a public rant. She recently called out a fan who suggested that she get a nighttime nurse for their baby, at his expense.

"I was talking about how I haven't slept bc baby is teething early and that a family member came to visit and spilled my milk all over the couch put my ember cup in the microwave which is electronic and that it was only 9am to then someone say nick should pay for a night nurse," Bre argued on Instagram Story. "not sure how ANYTHING I was saying had to do with needing a night nurse or Nick at all."

"All I was sharing was a hard moment as a mom being honest where after not sleeping and working it was just one more thing after the other," the "Selling Sunset" realtor, who welcomed a son with the emcee in July, continued. "NOONE was talking about Nick this person decided to bring him up. She took it there just like everyone else does I hear it alllll day."

Bre also urged fans to "KEEP MY PARENTING, MY KID AND MY BABY DADDY'S NAME OUT UR MOUTH." She then stressed, "Nick is NOT my sugar daddy. Nick is MY F**KIN CHILDS FATHER THAT IS ALL. Watch your f**kin mouth when you speak on mine!"

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