The 1975 Refuse to Support Ed Sheeran on Tour Despite Being Offered 'Insane' Amount of Money

The Matty Healy-fronted band insist on embarking on their own tour instead of being a supporting act for the 'Bad Habits' hitmaker despite lucrative offer.

AceShowbiz - The 1975 was offered an "insane" amount of money by Ed Sheeran to support him on his stadium tour, frontman Matty Healy revealed. While having "mad respect" for the global megastar and praising the "Bad Habits" hitmaker for always being "so nice", the "I'm In Love With You" singer wanted his band to embark on their own tour instead.

"It's difficult to be big and say - genuinely - that I have zero commercial ambition. There's definitely a 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it' kind of thing, which is where, listen, we've never known what to do and we've never tried to do anything. So the second we stop doing that, we'll probably f*** up," the 33-year-old star spilled in an interview with The New York Times.

"I tend to say no to stuff for money. I don't know how you can write this up without it being rude or inappropriate, but I just got offered a four-month tour next year of stadiums with the biggest singer-songwriter in the world that would've made me money that I've never even seen or heard of in my life."

When asked if he was talking about Ed, he replied, "Yeah. And I got offered to be main support and do whatever I want. Think about the money you think I'm getting offered - it's not just offered, it's what he can afford because of what he makes for shows - and then just triple it. It's insane."

He added, "The thing that's stopped me just doing that is because - I don't care. It's not worth it. Not because I don't like Ed Sheeran. I think he's, in a lot of ways, a genius, and he does what he does better than anybody else. But opening up for somebody and not just being real, that's the kind of stuff I think about."

The "Chocolate" singer took to Twitter soon after the interview was published to clear up that he "didn't decline sharing a stage" with the 31-year-old chart-topper.

He clarified, "Just to be clear I have mad respect for Ed Sheeran and I didn't decline sharing a stage with him I just wanted to do our own shows instead and he's always been so nice to me personally and publicaly so don't start a twitter thing for fun (sic)."

The 1975 will embark on a UK and Ireland headline tour in support of their new record "Being Funny in a Foreign Language" in 2023, kicking off in Brighton on January 8.

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