The tune, which was written by Ashley Gorley, Ernest K. Smith, Charlie Handsome and Morgan himself, serves as the lead single from the latter's upcoming third studio album.

AceShowbiz - It looks like Morgan Wallen losing control of his sobriety in a new music video for "You Proof". Released on Friday, September 9, the visuals shows the country crooner hallucinating in a car.

Directed by Justin Clough, the clip opens with the 29-year-old arriving at a convenience store. However, his imagination seemingly takes over where his fictional ex, played by Charly Jordan, enters his car and drives away through Humphreys County, Tennessee.

Morgan tries to wake from the dream-like state while the blonde beauty speeds through the town. After jumping out of the vehicle, he runs away, afraid of being chased by the driver. However, it turns out the singer was with his cousin Andrew Greene and a friend instead of his past love interest.

"I need something you proof/ Somethin' stronger than I'm used to," he sings in the chorus. "Yeah, I've been pourin' ninety to a hundred/ Feel like nothing's gonna cut it, that's the hard truth/ Yeah, I need something you proof/ Oh, I need something you proof."

Morgan dropped the song on his 29th birthday back on May 13. Written by Morgan, Ashley Gorley, Ernest K. Smith and Charlie Handsome, the tune serves as the lead single from "The Voice" alum's upcoming third studio album.

Later that month, Morgan made his return to the Billboard Music Awards stage after being banned from the ceremony last year due to his racial slur scandal. Unfortunately, many were not happy with the decision as they took to Twitter to slam his performance at the award-giving event.

"F**k Morgan Wallen and this Jim Crow music. With what just happened in Buffalo, we coulda cut him from the lineup," one critic tweeted, referring to the racially motivated attack in Buffalo that killed 10 people. "Un-canceled my a**. That's the problem now, we always giving out second chances for MFs to play in our faces."

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