Ashley Graham Discusses Struggle of Tandem Feeding Her Twins

The plus-size model opens up about the challenge of combo feeding her twin babies, eight months after welcoming the bundles of joy with husband Justin Ervin.

AceShowbiz - Ashley Graham talks about her "interesting" experience of breastfeeding her twins. Eight months after welcoming twins Malachi and Roman with husband Justin Ervin, the 34-year-old model - who stars in a new campaign for Bobbie, a female-founded infant formula - has opened up about her personal experience of feeding her kids.

"I thought that I would easily be able to breastfeed without having to think twice about it. I knew that there was going to be a little bit of actual juggling that would have to be implemented because everybody and their mother told me that if I didn't feed the twins at the same time, I was never going to have any time for myself," the brunette beauty - who also has Isaac, two, with Justin - shared. "And sure enough, that's exactly what happened. I had to figure out how to do it at the same time."

Ashley admitted that tandem breastfeeding has proven to be a huge challenge for her. She told PEOPLE, "The first week was so hard. It was trying to figure out how to do it. They would latch. They would unlatch. I couldn't figure out the positioning."

However, Ashley managed to overcome her difficulties after having some "internal conversations." She said, "I remember telling myself, 'It's okay if you have to use formula. Don't worry. You're not failing as a parent.' "

Ashley ultimately decided to that combo feeding was the best choice for her. But the catwalk star also feels that parents needn't "pick one side or the other." She explained, "I really want this campaign to show that you don't. You just have to pick what's best for you."

"I joined forces with Bobbie to evolve in this conversation and shake the stigma around how we are feeding our babies. There's no way no one way is better than the other."

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