Twitter Wonders If Amber Heard's Daughter Is Real as the Baby 'Keeps Changing Sizes'

The 'Magic Mike XXL' star faces allegations that she's rented baby Oonagh for Instagram photos to gain sympathy in the wake of the defamation lawsuit against Johnny Depp.

AceShowbiz - Amber Heard's status as a mother has been put into question. While the actress announced back in April that she had welcomed a daughter named Oonagh Paige Heard via surrogate, many have been wondering if the baby is real.

The suspicion arose after Amber was spotted multiple times pushing what seemed to be an empty stroller during her vacation in Tel Aviv. Some other social media users pointed out that the actress' baby "keeps changing sizes" on her Instagram photos.

"Someone just pointed out that Amber Heard's baby keeps changing sizes. And it is true. Go check it out. She stated her baby turned one recently," one Twitter user wrote. Another posed a similar question as they accused Amber of renting baby Oonagh just for photo-ops, "I've noticed this, different sizes, hair, older in one photo, back to being younger again in another! Rent-a-sprog isn't very reliable obviously."

Commenting on pictures of the "Aquaman" star pushing a stroller, one other user argued, "My question with this photo of Amber pushing the stroller. Her daughter would be too big to be in the lay-down type stroller like this. Her baby would be almost 17 months old. So what's really in that stroller."

"Is it me? That stroller couldn't possibly be carrying a toddler," another person wondered. "You can't even see a baby's head, hands or feet. Unless that baby's sedated, I've never seen a toddler be so still and unnoticeable," another quipped.

"Only pics ever put out are total photo ops that look like they paid to get or she posted in IG. We see celebs with their kids photos all the time and somehow shes never been caught out in public with hers?" another critic alleged, while someone went as far as questioning if Amber's daughter is "even alive."

Amber has not responded to the allegations that her baby is not real. She has been laying low and remains silent on her social media account following her loss in the defamation case against her ex-husband Johnny Depp.

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