Quando Rondo Denounces Gang Affiliation After His Friend Lul Pab Died in Shooting

The 'Scarred From Love' rapper, who was involved in a shooting in August, declares that he has decided to '[lay his] flag down' because it makes 'no sense' for him to be a part of a disloyal crew.

AceShowbiz - Quando Rondo is getting things off his chest. More than two weeks after his pal Lul Pab was tragically killed in a Los Angeles shooting that was intended for him, the "Scarred From Love" spitter took to social media to call out disloyal members of his entourage.

Making use of Instagram Story, the 23-year-old penned, "It's time for me to spend time to myself and free myself from a lot of people." He added, "My Main Manz Gone & a lot more s**t I'm cool on alot of s**t if I feel like you not with me it's no reason for me To be holding on to you."

"no need to shake your hand or fake some with you !" the emcee, whose real name is Tyquian Terrel Bowman, continued. "I'm Living Life How I wanna live life whatever I wanna do ima do it you gone either gone get with it or get lost."

Quando went on to voice his frustration in a follow-up post. "Many fingers pointing to many people talking behind a My bacc I got to much weight on my shoulders I'm standing on all ten !" he argued. "I love Pabb like af but I'm not going to cuz funeral I know where me and cuz stand at!"

"Claiming that there wasn't any "loyalty in this s**t," the rapper declared that he has decided to "[lay] my flag down." He then shared, "I'm not NH yall ain't gone ride for a n***a foreal it's no sense of me being apart of yall s**t y'all fw the opposition," he said. "Idgaf who feel hit."

Quando was involved in a shooting on August 19. When he and his crew were fueling up at a gas station, a white vehicle carrying three gunmen pulled up and began shooting. The rapper's black SUV drove off, before being stopped by cops near the intersection of Santa Monica and San Vicente.

One of the police officers then interrogated Quando as he was visibly in shock. Others, meanwhile, dragged a body out of a black Escalade, prompting Quando to freak out and walk away. They gave CPR to the victim, who was seemingly Lul Pab, but he died after being rushed to a hospital.

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