50 Cent Continues Trolling The Game After Winning Emmy for His Super Bowl Performance

Although the 'Hate It or Love It' rapper has fired back at the 'In Da Club' hitmaker, the latter continues to poke fun at his nemesis by referring to the former's low album sales.

AceShowbiz - 50 Cent has yet to leave his beef with The Game behind. After winning Emmy for his Super Bowl performance, the "In Da Club" hitmaker took to his social media account to troll his nemesis.

Making use of Instagram on Saturday, September 3, Fiddy shared a photo of the Emmy Statue. In the accompaniment of the post, he boasted, "I just won my Emmy award [hand-clapping emojis] for the super bowl half time show. LOL."

After that, Fiddy shared another award while thanking Eminem for his efforts. In addition, the "Power" star and creator uploaded an image of The Game. He captioned the since-deleted post, "No Caption needed."

The diss did not go unnoticed by The Game. Taking to his own Instagram page, the "Eazy" spitter let out an old photo of 50 Cent and said, "No caption needed... #SpicyA**N***a."

Things got intense as 50 Cent went on mocking The Game. Sharing a GIF of himself, he penned, "oh no, i'm sorry you don't get one [trophy emoji]. Then the first week 18k, if you need someone to talk to i'm here for you. LOL." Fiddy was seemingly referring to The Game's "Drillmatic" album having low sales.

This was not the first time for 50 Cent to poke fun at The Game. Back in March, the former roasted the Compton-born rhymer after Interscope Records co-founder Jimmy Iovine snubbed him at a Los Angeles Lakers game. "[Laughing emoji] LOL The Man didn't even look at him," Fiddy wrote. "Get this guy out of here 50 wrote the records. LMFAO."

Pissed off by the jab, The Game commented, "N***a, I ain't even see Mr. Burns." He went on to explain, "[And] if you wrote my records... write you one today & put it out n***a !!! Your rap career died wit them loli pop strap tank tops [lollipop emoji] .. you a actor, n that's why you ran to tv... give us season 2 of that Tommy bulls**t & leave this rap s**t to n***as who can spell correctly & actually got bars goofy n***a !!! #HeGoneDeleteThisCommentInTheCar."

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