Kate Moss Messed Up Her Adrenal Glands and Nervous System Due to Wild Lifestyle

The mother of one has started 'doing transcendental meditation' in order to 'fix' herself following years of wild partying during her heyday in modelling industry.

AceShowbiz - Kate Moss' wild lifestyle ruined her adrenal glands and nervous system. Once known for her partying ways, the 48-year-old supermodel has now been sober for some time and revealed she used the self-help tome the Big Book - which chronicles the famous 12-step recovery programme - to "fix" herself and examine her own "shortcomings."

"I learnt to look at myself, at my shortcomings and truthfully at who I am. And not be afraid. I started meditating every day, doing transcendental meditation, wild swimming... I tried everything [new]," she told Britain's Vogue magazine.

Kate - who has 19-year-old daughter Lila with former partner Jefferson Hack - loves to retreat to her garden when she's feeling tired. She explained, "I come here and lie on the grass and burn frankincense. I listen to music and have a moment of peace. It's so peaceful. This is where I come to get grounded."

Kate began her modelling career when she was just 14 years old and she is "horrified" about what was deemed "acceptable" in the fashion industry in those days. She said, "When I think back to what I was doing at that age, I am horrified at what was acceptable back then. People wouldn't believe it."

Her own experiences led to her setting up the Kate Moss Agency - which represents the likes of Stella Maxwell, Georgia Palmer, and her own daughter - and her biggest priority is making sure her young models are well looked after. She said, "[My primary concern is] that the kids are taken care of - and if they're not, I get really p***** off."

And Kate is much happier being in charge of her own career. She explained, Because I can say no. 'No, that's not right. I want more. No, I think you're underselling me. No, that's not correct.' "

The Cosmoss founder is proud Lila is doing well in the fashion industry as an "independent woman." She said, I think she's on her own journey, and has found her own self. She told me about the Steven Meisel cover shoot for British Vogue and said, 'Mummy, it was the best day of my life.' She felt like an independent woman doing her own job. She got there on her own. She felt that she had arrived in her own body."

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