R. Kelly's Sexual Assault Scandals Cost Daughter Joanna Record Deal
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Joanna, who is going by the stage name Buku Abi, shares in a new interview how the decade-long scandals surrounding her famous father have impacted her music career.

AceShowbiz - R. Kelly's sexual assault scandals have also affected his daughter Joanna Kelly's career. Going by the stage name Buku Abi, Joanna revealed in a new interview how the decade-long scandals surrounding her famous father have impacted her music career.

When asked if she has been "turned down" because of her dad, Joanna said during her Friday, August 26 appearance on "Majic", "Absolutely, simply based off of my last name." She continued, "And that has--I think for me, especially for people who don't know, like, music is my first passion. Like, I love music. I'm a singer, songwriter, I, like, I love music. I've been doing music since I was 13 years old, that's the first time I ever wrote a song, I was 13."

Joanna went on to explain, "From 13 up until 24, I have been trying to get into the music business. Trying to get into the industry and all those years, it's either been, you're getting it because of who your dad is or you're not gettin' it because of who your dad is. I've been this close to a record deal, and when they found out who I was, it got swiped away."

Upon learning of the interview, Internet users expressed their sympathy. "Oh feel so bad for her," one person said. Another user wrote, "I can't imagine being turned away because of who I'm related too… if the talent is there why penalize her for being born."

"That's bold what does the child have to do with the parents actions????" someone criticized the industry. Praising Joanna, a fan commented, "Really appreciate the fact that she's finally having an opportunity to tell her story. We met Buku a few years back through some of our students at the Georgia State chapter… she's truly talented and deserving of a shot."

Someone others, meanwhile, suggested her to just go independent. "This day and age you don't need a record deal to make it. Go independent and hit social media," a user noted. Echoing the sentiment, a person added, "Why waste time getting signed, when you can do it all independently like Tech Ny9e."

Most recently, Lisa Van Allen, who had a relationship with R. Kelly in 1998, claimed that the disgraced R&B singer's former manager allegedly told one of his ex-girlfriends she should have been killed over an alleged child pornography sex tape she says she took from the singer. Testifying in his child pornography federal trial, she told the jury in Chicago that she had sex with both the singer and his underage goddaughter as they were videotaped by Kelly.

Lisa, who first met Kelly when she was 18, went on to say that when she lifted one of the alleged recordings, which Kelly allegedly carried around in a bag, his team offered to pay her $250,000 (£212,000) for its return. Now 42 years old, Lisa then said that Kelly's former manager, Derrel McDavid, told her they should have just murdered her instead of offering payment.

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