Fat Joe Calls Irv Gotti His Brother After Squashing Beef Over Ashanti Drama

The feud between the 'All The Way Up' rapper and the music producer began after the former criticized Gotti for saying he was blindsided by Ashanti and Nelly's romance.

AceShowbiz - Fat Joe has ended his feud with Irv Gotti. After they dissed each other over the latter's comments about Ashanti, the "All The Way Up" rapper showed love to the music producer and called him his "brother."

"Irv Gotti said I'm no longer his friend. And he's correct, because I'm his brother," Joe said during an Instagram Live on Wednesday, August 17. "And I love him, I love his entire family, I love his mother, I love his sisters, I love his brothers, I love his sons. I love them all. And so sometimes, brothers check each other. That's the furthest I'ma go."

Joe previously criticized Gotti for saying on "Drink Champs" that he was blindsided by Ashanti and Nelly's romance. "Whatever Irv has with Ashanti, is 20 years old," Joe argued. "I know he was making some points that mean a lot to him.. But, when you keep ranting about somebody 20 years later, it felt like he's not over the young lady. Also we didn't know that they was f**king. The whole time, I was there, on tour - I never seen them together like that."

Unhappy with Joe's comment, Gotti said on Houston's 97.9 "The Box", "I feel like [Fat Joe] fooled me. He's not my friend. I was fooled, but in life you get fooled." After one of his team members tried to steer away from the topic, Irv added, "Forget Joe 'cause they don't want me to talk about Joe. So I won't talk about Joe, I'll talk about life. And In life, everyone goes through friends."

"People who you thought were your friends-I'm not talking about Joe. Let me talk. In life, I've had countless friends come and go, but, you know what remains consistent and why I get through all of this? My family, 'cause I don't really need friends … I'm more than content going home and spending time with my mom. Like, I'm a weird dude like that," he went on to say.

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